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User Reviews and comments on Senses Bakery

From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
While I would not hesitate to give the Senses pastries extremely high ratings I would not do the same for their chocolates. They are quite pricey and somewhat disappointing. I honestly believe your money is better spent elsewhere. Buy one of the pastries instead -- they are superb!!!

From: Jana on May-03-2003
The pastries and tarts here are flawless - their lemon tart is excellent. We've never had anything here that we didn't love.

From: Mark Spencer on May-19-2003
Some of Toronto's best pastries and petit-fours - hands down. The pastry is flawless. Extremely well thought of and superb taste & quality.

From: Bailey on Oct-29-2003
Gotta try this chocolate... its sooo good although I'm not exactally sure what its called.... but I know its known as "chocolate sex"... just ask for it.

From: Benoit on Dec-17-2006
I come from Montreal, and I am used to having lovely pastries an arm stretch of me at all time. Someone had mentionned to me that Senses was suberb. So I had to go try it out for myself. I was unfortunately very disapointed. It was all presentation but without any substance. I would put their pastries from a flavor stand point equal to what you would buy in Loblaws.

From: paul on Feb-05-2008
The first Sense is about 9 years ago in Bloor St. The first time i saw the pastry is amazing. I never seen the pastry like that. But after few year the taste and the present make me very disapointed. Nothing suprise! Hope the chef can make some impact and nice looking stiff! Taste is not bad i can say GOOD. Very real taste!

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