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User Reviews and comments on Furama Cake and Desserts Garden

From: Jennifer on Jul-27-2004
I've been going there for years for their chestnut tarts!

From: Valerie on Nov-19-2006
I live in Hamilton, and I always go to this bakery when in Toronto, especialy for their butter buns.

From: Laura on Sep-17-2007
I first went to this bakery on Sunday and I fell in love. I've never had such a light tasting, yet decadantly rich piece of chocolate cake in my life. I also fell in love with their Tuna Buns. I had three in one day. I'll definitely go there again the next time I'm in Toronto. ^_^ You just don't find pastries like that in boring old London!

From: Finn on Nov-11-2007
I love this place! The raisin buns, ham and egg buns, and more are ALL so amazing! 10/10!

From: pdenrcva frtovzl on Nov-16-2007
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From: Fiona on Apr-25-2008
Excellent place to go for bake goods. I love their almond cookies and their swiss chocolate cheese cake. Other baked goods are high quality, too!

From: Eatereater123 on Nov-20-2008
Furama is the McDonalds of chinese bakeries. They don't put a lot of filling, and their dough is rather average. However, it is consistent, and if you're at the Spadina store, extremely well priced even compared to other bakeries. If you go to First Canadian, expect to play exactly 50% to 100% more for the same item. Rents are high downtown. I would go to Yung Sing and Kim Moon before I head back to Furama.

From: Sindy on May-19-2013
I just fall in love with their Tiramisu and greentea cup!! They are the best backery in downtown!!!! I'm definitely back to this store, when I go to downtown.

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