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User Reviews and comments on Juliette et Chocolat

From: Olivier on Nov-30-2003
Un chocolat chaud comme on en fait plus, des crêpes à faire pâlir de jalousie les plus grands chefs bretons, un choix de gâteaux et de chocolats aussi divers que délicieux,un accueil chaleureux, un service rapide et souriant : nos papilles frisent l'extase ! A recommander vivement !

From: MASSIN Marie-Christine on Dec-01-2003
"l'essayer, c'est l'adopter !" : comment résister aux multiples tentations auxquelles nous soumet "Juliette et Chocolat" : comment chosiri entre un chocolat onctueux, une crêpe aux saveurs créatives, ses boissons multiples... tout cela servi avec gentillesse dans un cadre chaleureux. Oui, vraiment, une adresse à ne pas manquer !

From: Virginia on Dec-01-2003
A chocolate-lovers paradise! I discovered Juliette and Chocolat on a cold winter day and have been a regular ever since. They offer the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted (I particularly like the dark chocolate "a l'ancienne") and a their crepes are delicious. I've tried the simple sugar and butter (perfect for a light afternoon snack along with your hot chocolate), Juliette's secret (an amazing sweet crepe filled with all the best goodies you could think of), and several salty ones (I had never tried these before and was hapilly surprised - they trully make a satisfying and original meal!). I also love the overall ambience of the place, which makes it an ideal place for a relaxed afternoon with friends: simple and modern deco, yet warm and inviting, great music, and the divine smell of chocolate. A definite must for chocolate-addicts!!

From: Louis-Gonzague ADAM on Feb-06-2004
Je n'y suis jamais allé, mais déjà j'en rêve... et pour deux raisons! La deuxième (pour étoner tout le monde!) le chocolat! Mais surtout la première... Juliette! Je me souviens d'une année mémorable au Lycée avec cette demoiselle... Cela ne m'étonne pas du tout que mademoiselle ce soit lancé dans le chocolat... Si quelqu'un peut me donner un moyen de la contacter écrivez à [email protected], bon je suis un peu loin tout làbas en Afrique mais... c'est à ça que ça sert les mails non?

From: Michelle on May-17-2004
Impeccable service, lovely terrasse, wonderful chocolate, charming hostess. What more could you want? The hot chocolate is incredibly rich ... I've never tasted anything quite like it before. I warmly recommend Juliette et Chocolat to anyone with a sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolate. Enjoy!

From: Daryl on May-18-2004
Everytime I go to Montreal, I always look for somewhere I have not been and that I will remember long after I leave. My friends and I found this spot on a rainy May morning where we enjoyed wonderful chocolate and conversation before going home. One of the three best hot chocolates I've had, and a place I recommend.

From: Cedric on Jan-01-2005
I haven't tried it yet, but just by reading the different comments on the place, it just makes me want to go there. And I have to give away one of Juliette's secrets, if she makes such good crepes it's just because she spended a lot of time in Bretagne where I had the chance to meet her again. Donc felicitations pour ce nouveau coin de paradis que tu as cree Juliette et j'espere avoir la chance de te croiser la bas pourquoi pas quand j'aurais l'occasion d'y faire un tour. Et pareil que le mister d'avant if there's a way to get in touch with you here's my email : [email protected]

From: Ron on Jul-20-2005
Just got back from an extended weekend trip to Montreal. Discovered Juliette's and all I can say is that my friend and I made 2 trips to the shop during our 4 day stay in Montreal. I loved the crepes, and my friend, a chocoholic, told me she was in heaven with the bitter, dark chocolate. A must see when in Montreal. Thanks, Juliette

From: Katherine on Oct-05-2005
The best hot chocolate I have ever had, perfect with a huge biscotti after dinner on a cold winter night. I would highly recomend the extra bitter chocolate, especially if you do not like overly sweet chocolate. ALso I woul highly recomend the chocolate smoothies in the summer.

From: Danielle on Oct-31-2005
I went there twice in 1 about chocolate overdose ! Had the "Chocolat Fondant". Absolutely orgasmic. At first you go through a feeling of lethargy and then, the chocolat's effects just kick right in. Service was okay, too busy i guess to provide outstanidng service. A good outing !

From: Steven on Dec-08-2005
I am from the UK I tried your lovely chocolate and cakes when I was over. Do you import?

From: Sylvie on Mar-27-2006
J'ai eu le plaisir de déguster un Grand Cru... Un chocolat chaud onctueux et savoureux qui c'est laisser boire lentement. L'expérience était comparable à la découverte d'un vin. J'avais un sourire collé au visage. Une joie pour la bouche et pour l'âme. Ma soirée était déjà réussie. J'aimais le chocolat et maintenant j'adore le chocolat chaud de Juliette. Bien que quelque peu dispendieux, il en valait totalement la peine. L'endroit était achalandé mais nous n'avons pas attendu très longtemps. Le serveur était très attentionné. Merci Maxime pour cette découverte.

From: Eric on Apr-26-2006
Quel bonheur que de découvrir un café pour les gens qui n'aime pas le café.:o) Le menu est impressionnant, et les chocolats sont excellent. Le service laisse à désirer, et à chaque visite on nous apporte des verres de lait tièdes alors qu'on spécifie très froid SVP. Malgré cela je vais y retourner en espérant que le service s'améliorera. A découvrir absoluement

From: Juliette F on Jun-10-2006
A chocaholic's heaven! Yum! While the menu is not extensive, it's adventurious while still containing the classics. A bit on the pricey side, but impeccable and worth it. My favorite was the Chocolate and raspberry smoothie. A liquid dessert; rich and delicious. I can't afford to go there too often or I'd be the size of a house. Death by chocolate? What a way to go. A definite thumb's up. Not just because my name's Juliette. Ha;)

From: Gloria Clarke on Jul-14-2006
I Loved Juliette et Chocolate!! I had the hot cocoa, grandma style. It was so thick & creamy..unlike anything I've ever had. Desert in cup. I drank the first few sips and ate the rest with a tiny spoon that was provided. I make a point of going to Juliette et Chocolate when ever I am in Montreal.

From: AlAnoud on Aug-17-2006
Juilette et Chocholat is a MUST do in montreal!! i travelled overseas and this must be the cutest most adorable place ever!! The heazelnut ice-cream and their hot brownie is just AMAIZING!! go for it..although they have snobish waiters.....but then again its Quebec!

From: Claudette C on Oct-30-2006
Absolutely the best desert crepe, the hot chocolate an orgasmic delight. Walk, swim, cab, drive take the bus but get there. Claudette

From: anonymous on Feb-15-2007
Tout simplement The best in Montreal! Trust me, its REALLY an experience!

From: Karène Lemieux on Feb-27-2007
Lors de ma dernière visite chez Juliette et Chocolat, j'ai remarqué une atmosphère tendue entre les employés. Surtout de la part d'une certaine Éléonore, (j'ai demandé son nom à une collègue). Visiblement, cette fille est une gérante frustrée et m'a fait sentir mal à l'aise tout au long de mon repas. Les clients n'en sortent pas gagnants. Même si c'est bon, mais excessivement cher, je ne retournerai plus jamais chez Juliette et chocolat. Ce resto me semble sous l'emprise d'une dictature. Ce n'est que du chocolat... De toute manière, tout le monde le sait, à la fin de l'histoire, Juliette meurt. Une cliente insatisfaite

From: mariemaxime on Mar-02-2007
Juliette et chocolat est tellement plus que ce que decrit!!! Il y a les desserts qui changeront votre vie: le banana spilt avec creme glacee maison et chocolat belge fondu, les crepes flambees poire et chocolat, sans compter l'occasion de se reunir autour d'une fondue au chocolat belge DIVINE avec des fruits frais et savoureux !!! Totalement exotique avec les differents chocolats chauds epices, ou encore les smoothies frais, Juliette et chocolat vous offrira une experience INOUBLIABLE!!! Une des merveilles de montreal marie Maxime Hubert

From: pressy thomas on Mar-13-2007
I was visiting montreal for the weekend and i visited Juliette& chocolat on St. Denis on sunday night. It was one of the many highlights of my trip. I will definately recommend this place to all my friends in New York. I had the Chocolate Medley. The Chocolate brownie is the best brownie i have ever had in my entire life. It was soft and had so much flavor. The crepes were great too. Juliette & chocolat is a great place to go to for an economical lunch. It is very popular so be prepared for the long waiting lines. The hand made chocolates (truffles and pralines) were wow! I will give this place 3 stars...a must visit place in St. Denis.

From: sharook on Mar-16-2007
the best place eva!!! :)

From: stephanie on Mar-17-2007
Beaucoup de déception lors de ma derniere visite. Pour commencer, service exécrable (je pese mes mots !) : tables vides alors que les gens attendent a la porte, erreur de commande, serveuse avec manque flagrant de professionnalisme... En plus, le chocolat est arrivé tiede !! Beaucoup de laisser aller Bien que Juliette et Chocolat fut une place de choix, cette place n'a désormais que peu d'atouts, peut-être l'originalité de sa carte mais c'est bien tout. Peu recommandé

From: anonymous on Apr-02-2007
J'etais en Montreal durant l'ete et Juliette et Chocolat etait un de mes places favorite d'aller apres une filme ou une festivale pour du bonne chocolat chaud. C'est tres epais et tu peut choisir le % de lait que tu veut. MMM...c'est bon! Il y a des desserts comme crepes ou petits chocolats ou des autres boission si tu ne veut pas du chocolat chaud. J'ai recu du bonne service des serveuses amiable et gentille. Je le recommand que chaque personne prend du temps a visiter ce petite cafe magnifique!

From: Dania on Apr-02-2007
J'etais en Montreal durant l'ete et Juliette et Chocolat etait un de mes places favorite d'aller apres une filme ou une festivale pour du bonne chocolat chaud. C'est tres epais et tu peut choisir le % de lait que tu veut. MMM...c'est bon! Il y a des desserts comme crepes ou petits chocolats ou des autres boission si tu ne veut pas du chocolat chaud. J'ai recu du bonne service des serveuses amiable et gentille. Je le recommand que chaque personne prend du temps a visiter ce petite cafe magnifique!

From: Ana on Apr-05-2007
Spent a long weekend in Montreal visiting friends and had a wonderful lunch at this jem of a place. The salty crepe and home made soup was delicious. The hot cocoa was to die for. I'll have to try the nutella crepe next time I visit the area. Everyone around me was ordering it. Great experience and I'm a picky eater from New York!

From: Philippe Lemieux on May-03-2007
Il ne suffit pas d'avoir de bons employés soumis pour servir du chocolat. Bien traîter ses employés, c'est bien plus gagnant pour une entreprise. Décidement, il semble avoir de réèls abus de pouvoir chez Juliette et chocolat. Vivement unre belle et grande faillite.

From: Julien Conin on May-20-2007
Amateur de chocolat depuis bien des annees, je suis un client accro et regulier de chez Juliette et Chocolat. J'y passe minimum 3 jours par semaine, c'est pour dire! J'y ai meme refere 2 de mes amies pour un emploi et elles ont toutes les deux ete ravies de leur experience. Le service peu parfois etre un peu long mais il y a tant de monde qui fait la queue dehors que l'on comprend pourquoi... et quand on a goute au chocolat chaud a l'ancienne, on n'a qu'uneenvie: revenir!! Un detour qui en vaut la peine. Avis au amoureux du chocolat, il y en a un second qui ouvre sur Laurier!

From: Lisa on Jul-02-2007
We were visiting Montreal in 2005, primarily to see the Marillion concert at La Tulipe, but some surprise highlights were opening night of Cavalia (horse theatre, amazing, check it out!), and also our visit to Juliette et Chocolat! I had the crepe with pears/goat cheese/drizzled honey, and probably the BEST hot chocolate I've ever had in my life. The crepe's sweet and salty flavors are a highly recommended complement to the sweetness of the drinking chocolate. If only we had something like this in Chicago!! Anytime I meet someone planning a trip to Montreal, I tell them about Juliette....

From: Miyuki on Jul-22-2007
the crape i ordered came with ice cream but i think the ice cream is not original (they were using a big container of ice cream) and didnt taste good at all.. but other than that, everything was great.

From: Erika on Jul-31-2007
When my family traveled to Montreal we stayed in the Latin Quarter on the street where Juliette & Chocolat is located. Its amazing! Out of five nights in Montreal, we went there twice. The hot chocolate 'Grandma's Style' is beyond delicious and their brownies and milkshakes are also better than what I've ever had before. If you're in the mood for something wickedly intense, go for the Fleur de Sel brownie. It's an intense chocolate brownie with dark and white chocolate cake pieces mixed in smothered with a salty caramel sauce. The sweet/salt combination made for an experience like no other. I'd also recommend the milk chocolate milkshake if you're in the modd for something chocolatey but refreshing. I wish we had this place in Massachusetts! Just warning, it takes some time to get what you ordered considering the place's popularity versus the number of people working, as the waitresses double as crepe makers and also at the same time have to melt the chocolate for the fondue and the hot chocolate on the spot, so save at least a 30 minute time slot if you want to go there. I highly recommend it!

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From: carolyn on Dec-09-2007
nice place but too crowdy, ni intimate place. Hot chocolate are delicious but the chocolate to go not that much.

From: benoit massin on Jan-04-2008
Le meilleur chocolat que je n'ai jamais gouté... onctueux, délicieux, fondant... il a tout pour plaire! La gérante (Juliette!) est super sympa et a toujours la pêche. Le cadre sympathique... Juliette et chocolat, il faut y aller, y re aller, y re re aller! Le début d'une chaîne promise à un long avenir!

From: Noé on Jan-18-2008
Juliette et Chocolat c'est un paradis pour ceux qui aiment le chocolat. C'est féerique et le chocolat est tout simplement délicieux.

From: CocoaLover on Jun-23-2008
I have quite a sweet tooth and was a bit reserved when I went here. There is alot of terrible chocolate and I had low expectations. But I was delighted by the crepes and desserts! The hot chocolate is amazing and a must have! I also had a dinner crepe that was really good. In other reviews I'd read, they warned of a long wait due to th limited amount of crepe cookers. I thought I would avoid this by going late when the restaurant was half empty. My server left my crepe sitting on the counter for 15 minutes while putzing around doing whatever, so it was cold by the time I got it. Bottom line: terrible service. We ended up ordering our dessert from another server because ours was no where to be found. It took us two and a half hours to order-eat-wait to order dessert-then get dessert. Luckily the desserts are worth it, but don't go if you're in a rush!

From: Josee Michaud on Nov-04-2008
I went to the Juliette et Chocolat of Laurier Street. I really enjoyed the food ( very good crepes, coffee and chocolate) I went with my computer to work, and it was great : nobody rushed me, the music was appropriate and did not impede my concentration. I appreciated the discretion. The look of the place in very good, peaceful, not flashy. So, I am delighted, and I will return.

From: Tway on Dec-01-2008
Lovely food and hot chocolate, but for the second time one stressed-out waitress made our visit pretty unrelaxing. From banging down plates to stomping around, running into the kitchen, pushing patrons aside, and pounding up and down the stairs--with never a smile or a kind word--she made everyone feel pretty uncomfortable. I even asked another waitress if her colleague is always this stressed out, and she told me I was far from the first to notice. Sorry--I love the food, but this isn't the kind of atmosphere I'd like to spend my Sunday afternoon in.

From: Migs on Feb-01-2009
After waiting for 20 mn in line, I ordered a chocolate fondant and a dark semisweet hot chocolate. Overall it was a disappointing experience after hearing all the praise I was expecting something much better: the service was slow and very average and the chocolate was lukewarm (no matter how traditionally it is made, it's no good of it's at this temperature). The fondant was okay and it came with vanilla ice-cream. Honestly, even I can do better chocolate fondant and hot chocolate. The savory crepes looked good from a far so maybe I should have ordered this instead. Anyway I don't think I will go back any time soon. For those who still want to try J&C I advise you go on a weekday (sunday is no good).

From: JaneyMeegs on Feb-13-2009
I think the one on St-Denis is just incapable of good service. When I went, the waitress forgot half my order and when we mentioned to another waitress that we had ordered something, she put it out on the counter for someone else to bring and it literally sat there untouched for 15 minutes before we got up and left. Once, it cost something like 9$ and I paid with a 20 and the waitress, as she was clutching my change, asked "Are you sure you want a 10$ bill? How are you going to tip then?" I was super peeved. I'm thinking the one on Laurier is the way to go...

From: Erin, Elena and Grace on Apr-23-2009
Our experience at Juliette and Chocolat was delightful. The service was quick and our waitress was excellent. The food was amazing - we got the chocolate fondue with fruit and the chocolate and praline crepe. The facilities were clean and orderly. The location was very cute and accessible. The people were extremely friendly as well -- the woman next to us was a frequent visitor to the restaurant and raved about the food. To top it off they also gave us adorable after meal mints with our cheque. Overall, it was a place that tickled the taste buds and we definitely recommend it.

From: Brenda on May-14-2009
I was told to go to your establishment on St Denis by a co-worker as she had enjoyed it so much. I was completely disappointed by my experience. It took a long time to get waited on and served. When we finally did get served my waitress tried to flambe my crepe but the alcohol wouldn't light so it was served to me with the alcohol dumped on top. It was horrible. The waitress never did check on how the food was nor did she bring the check. The crepe was $14.95 and was deifinitely not worth it. I suggest when you charge prices like that it be worth the price. May 6,2009

From: Curtis - NYC on Nov-18-2009
I was referred to Juliette et Chocolat by my hotel. Unknowingly I had been there the night before with a Montreal native who said they had the best hot chocolate. The staff were all very eager to serve me upon entrance. I got 3 bonjours. When I travel I usually bring 2 boxes of chocolates for my staff. After seeing the presentation, the decorativeness and designs on the individual chocolates and most important, the taste - I decided to keep one box for myself! Hope my satff doesn't read this!!

From: Kelly on Dec-23-2009
My husband and I were in Montreal for 2 days and went in after dinner. It was full to the brim with people (mostly students and young adults). Very successful and trendy business with huge variety of drinking chocolates. Beautifully presented as well. Decor should use an upgrade and I could see an expansion in near future. Great restuarant.

From: Anonymous on Jan-23-2011
The most awful service I have ever experienced in Montreal. Not only were the waiters unattentive, lots of attitude was given. Since everyhting was taking SO long to be done, water was ordered way in advance. The waitress rolled her eyes and commented "but you have already". The only reason the water was ordered beforehand was because if I waited it would have come when I was ready to leave. The savoury food is non-tasty with a meagre meat serving. Tables were not cleaned properly. Tables were also left uncleared for at least 15 minutes while hoards of people lined up waiting to be seated. half and hour was spent WAITING for our plates to be taken and a further 15 minutes simply for the bill, all with the WORST attitude from employees.

From: mike on May-09-2011
Service is below par, however the chocolate is quite tasty. Use to bring my girlfriend along with me to grab dessert here however after several occasions of getting the wrong order and waiting 20mins+ to get refill on a glass of water got me quite disappointed. Not to mention being turned down to get served when showed up at 10:15p.m. (45min before closing), through me off. Although the food may be good, service to me is #1. Don't think I will pass by here anymore...

From: Dany on Aug-11-2011
One of the WORST services ever. Twice my order was bring before so my husband had to wait around 15-20 minutes until his was delivered; by then I already finished mine. After you have a place at the table they forget about you. It takes around 15-20 minutes to take your order and then again 15-20 minutes to deliver it to you.

From: Jean on Oct-02-2011
I found another chocolate bar called CACAO 70 in downtown montreal, amazing restaurant for chocolate lovers, also they offer real chocolate food like chocolate pizza, good service and great atmosphere for dating.

From: Vincent R. on Jan-14-2012
We went here with my girlfriend on our Trip to Montreal and we had a wonderful experience there! Many friends of ours insisted we try it out as it seems to be a "must" in Montreal and we weren't disappointed by the food! The service can be on slow side though, which is suggested by the huge line-ups! Highly recommend!

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