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User Reviews and comments on Clafouti Patisserie et Cafe

From: Matteo Fagnini on Apr-17-2003
2 Baguettes is not the rating I would of given this shop. Clafouti is in my mind one of if not the best Patisserie in Toronto and eh! What a concept, the 2 guys who own it are actually from France! Classy establishment and the products are top notch. I'm seriously addicted and you will as well. 4 baguettes is what they deserve! matteo

From: Nicolo Busotti on Apr-17-2003
First class!!!! What a delightfull place! Way to go Clafouti! N. Busotti

From: Katherine Clifton on Apr-17-2003
During my last visit to Toronto, I discovered this lovely little French pastry shop. The owners were extremely pleasant and I was so impressed with the wonderful pastries that I brought a few dozens home with me. What a pitty we don't have a Clafouti in Victoria, BC Katherine

From: Marco Pantani on Apr-19-2003
Simply outstanding!

From: Jan Ullrich on Apr-30-2003
Simply the best!

From: Frank Vandenbroucke on Apr-30-2003
La meilleure patisserie a Toronto!

From: Bill Blass on Apr-30-2003
What a delightfull place! Outstanding service. Can't wait to come back to Toronto.

From: Christophe Detling on Apr-30-2003

From: Max Banco on May-06-2003
Speechless! Delish!!!!

From: Donna Vandurnford on May-17-2003
I have been on a search for a good bakery in toronto. I have tried several shops also on this website (dufflet, rahier, st. honore, et plus) This is the only one that knocked my socks off! Lemon meiringue tart and the tarte abricot are outstanding!

From: Elisabeth on Jan-28-2004
Made the trip all the way from Ancaster to satisfy our addiction only to find a sign saying you were closed until Feb. Who closes shop to take a month's holiday?? Not anyone who wants to take care of their customers. Shame on you Clafouti!!

From: Richard on Sep-18-2004
Fabulous croissants and pain au chocolat! Though the croissants are not as flakey as I intially imagined they would be, they are still very good and quite large as well. Service is wonderful at the bakery and street parking isn't too bad either. For TTC, take the 504 streetcar to Strachn Avenue.

From: Rae Wells on Oct-28-2004
Home of the best almond-chocolate croissant ever!

From: Diala on Feb-21-2005
the best croissants ever!!! amazing pastries,I believe they have the best chocolate croissants in Toronto. D.Canelo

From: layla on Jul-06-2005
service can be simply snobby at times, which perhaps suits it well to be truelly a French experience. I only say this because, I travelled from across town to have one of your famous croissants. Little did I know that you are always sold out by midday, and to my dissapointment I was scolded for not knowing this. Then I noticed there was a whole rack of them in the back, and I was told I could not have even one of them! This is just one example. I've come into your bakery only 3 times and twice your staff were snippity and snobby with me. (I can assure you that I gave them no reason to be rude) I suggest that since you have a good reputation for your pasteries, you could produce more of them, so that they are available in the afternoon.

From: R. Worling on Jul-19-2005
Nothing in this city even comes close to the quality you get at Clafouti. It is the real deal. And the staff behind the counter are so sweet.

From: Tracey on Sep-24-2005
I thought their regular croissants were a little heavy and didn't like the chocolate used in the pan au chocolat but I love the unusually flavoured croissants such as raspberry and fig! I have yet to try the pastries but they look amazing!

From: quevin on Feb-03-2006
Everything in this shop is top notch - way to go Olivier!!!

From: Christina on Jun-25-2006
Like a previous post stated, I found the staff underwhelming and the lack of stock disappointing. Granted I arrived later in the afternoon, but if you have almost nothing to sell - why stay open at all? I bought the last lone sandwich - a Greek inspired chicken on a bun which was wet and quite revolting to eat to be frank. It may have been an isolated incident, and ordinarily I might have even complained, but when it's already a foregone conclusion that your opinion won't interest the uppity staff - why bother? I'd rather eat street meat or drive all the way to Ma Maison than deal with that.

From: Joanne on Jul-23-2006
Good to know Clafouti is so popular with so many famous Tour de France cyclists. Hopefully it is only these reviews, not the pastries, that have been liberally salted.

From: Chris on Aug-03-2006
As a regular bakery patron I was quite excited to try Clafouti and was shocked that I managed to find such unpleasant staff. Their bad attitudes and looks on their faces could sour milk. I just don't like spending money and being made to feel that my business is so unappreciated. Won't be a regular here..........easy enough to find excellent baked goods all over this city of ours. Boooooooo

From: Andrew Stachan on Oct-09-2006
The Best there is.

From: stephanie delaporte on Oct-27-2006
do you call this place a french pastry shop ???? it's a joke no ?

From: Kat on Nov-19-2006
As noted in the review, things always sell out here. Why is that? Make more croissants! They will surely sell. If you go later than 11am on a Sunday morning, everything is sold out except for the large cakes and pies.

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From: Zoe on Mar-03-2007
I have to say, I have never in my life had worse service in Toronto than at Clafouti's. I came into the cafe twice that day, once just to pop in to get my dad a lemon meringue tart and a coffee, and later because I had time to kill before meeting someone. The first time I was served by the young woman, there was no smile, nothing noticeable about the service. When I came in later, I got a tea and a tart to sit down and enjoy. When I went up to the counter to ask if she could pour some of the water out to make room for milk, without looking up from her book, told me to pour it "in there" and motioned to an espresso machine. I assumed she meant to pour it into the grate, not seeing the teacup it was supposed to be poured into. The tea poured down the sides and on the floor and counter. She rolled her eyes, looked at me and said "most poeple...[sigh].." turned around, poured some of the tea out in the sink, turned back and said "Most people pour it in the teacup.. you know what I mean?" Acted very annoyed, then went back to reading her book. She should have poured the tea out of my cup by herself in the first place! Terrible, terrible service.

From: Marie on Mar-07-2007
i have always found the staff friendly and courteous , i do not know if the previous post was having a bad day. I find the quality at Clafouti to be one of the best in trhe city without the attitude you receive from other PAtisserie in town. Clafouti reminds me a all the small shops in the heart of France. Love you , you are our fav....

From: Jonathan on Apr-10-2007
I get up early and make the trek for some croissants every Saturday morning. I just love their plain butter croissant and the stuffed varieties. It is true that you have to go early or they sell out, but I view that as a credit to the owners. If you want a croissant guaranteed available at any time of day then go to Loblaws or Dominion and enjoy. I wont comment on the service as I always buy them and leave right away.

From: Dean on Jul-05-2007
I think this place is so over-rated from the begining when it was opened. When you have a certain local newpapers supported and gave a rave reviews, many people seemed to believe it. I don't find that there is anything special about this bakery.

From: 2nd serving on Aug-04-2007
the croissants lacked a crispy exterior which is essential for it to be authentic - albeit a tasty bready treat

From: allison cohen on Feb-13-2008
Simply the best in the city , not pretentious like some other PAtisseries in Toronto Top notch Clafouti

From: left of center on Feb-21-2008
its a shame the culture we built, has forgotten the work of the bakers among us, and the hard work of others working the night shifts around us do. Our demands on Clafouti's hand made supply must make for a busy bakery... personally i just figured out ,, to get the goods, you gotta wake good and early.. i love can to

From: A. Regular on Mar-26-2008
The baked goods are incredible. They sell out early because they are that good. They have only one baker and it's a tiny establishment with few ovens. You people who complain should return to Starbucks. Clafouti is a Queen West institution, and I appreciate the personal charm it has.

From: Axel on Aug-17-2008
It is the best croissant in Toronto. Period. It is true it sells very fast. But remember: what's good is rare.... And if so many people complained about the staff, it means they did not focus enough on the bakeries. Who cares about the staff when the goods are so good?? Conclusion: if you complain, go away (to Tim Horton)! We will have more for us ;-)

From: Unimpressed on Aug-17-2008
I too stopped going to Clafouti because of appalling service and the worst hot chocolate I have ever had - because the staff could not even be bothered to try. Just threw a sprinkling of cocoa into a mug of warm milk expecting a miracle. Nothing remotely like the delicious chocolat chaud served in Paris.

From: parisien on Sep-23-2008
Simply the best and most honest patisserie in Toronto or Canada. Get up early and you will be rewarded otherwise got to Dominion... Merci Clafouti...

From: maarten on Aug-22-2009
i keep giving Clafouti another chance on their croissants and am still waiting for a pastry that is better than Starbucks. That is not a distinction any pastry shop would boast of. where is the fresh, light, crispy pastry that you can find anywhere in France? The standards are obviously higher there and they can produce their item for less. Please stop calling yourself a French pastry shop when your product is not "artisinal".

From: maarten on Aug-22-2009
i keep giving Clafouti another chance on their croissants and am still waiting for a pastry that is better than Starbucks. That is not a distinction any pastry shop would boast of. where is the fresh, light, crispy pastry that you can find anywhere in France? The standards are obviously higher there and they can produce their item for less. Please stop calling yourself a French pastry shop when your product is not "artisanal".

From: Bernard on Oct-12-2009
I think it's clear that Clafouti have a different take on the croissant, one that does not always please if your palate is accustomed to very light and flaky pastry, but it must be judged according to the makers' different intention. Adding sugar, cinnamon and jams and so on as fillings suggests that these croissants are far from being imitations of standard Paris fare, and for my part I really enjoy them.

From: ng on Dec-23-2009
This is by far the best bakery experience I have ever had. Not sure why people had bad experiences with the staff before, but I have nothing but good experiences. They are helpful when I need help selecting something, have held onto tarts for me if I need something for later on, and even remember my favorites when I come in.

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