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User Reviews and comments on Loblaws Queen's Quay

From: jo on Mar-31-2003
a variety of good cheese. Love it.

From: Ziad on Jun-05-2003
I would like to thank the floral staff at loblaws- queens quay. i would like to thank mrs. Emiilie Nguyen for her excellent customer services i wish u guys all the best

From: Jana on Nov-02-2003
This has to be one of the worst Loblaw's in the city. Sure it looks great but just try to find something at non-peak times. Shelves are often bare and the fruit is consistently of poor quality - mold, flies, etc. I wish there was another grocery store in the area!

From: Sam bontian on May-25-2004
I visited lablaws floral department adn i was so upset and unsatisfied with the service and rudiness that i received from an employee under the name Jean I really will not be making any shopping at that store because of how badly i was treated from that employee...i think she have some psychiatric problem!! she was yeliing at me !!!

From: Fiona Mirabeli on Nov-20-2004
Every time I visit Your floral department , I'm dazzled with your displays and design . It is always marveles, fresh , just refresh my day... Many thanks to your great coustomer service , and keep it unique and beautiful.

From: Diane Amstrong on Dec-29-2004
This comment to Emily in Floral Dept at Queen's Quay Loblaws. She is a very friendly and the most created person I got service in floral when I came in to the dept. She made a very beautiful arrangment for me in just 10-15 min and it is beautiful. My money was well spend in this dept. Good work Emily, keep it up! Diane A

From: Lana on May-03-2005
Is there anybody else who works at Floral shop beside Emilie !? Emilie do you write coments about yourself? Wow !!!!!!!!!! If not you must be employe of the year!Congrats... You are not there that often , (once per month?!) but stil you are the best ...? Unbolivable. I do not have coment.

From: Frank Cook on Sep-01-2005
After shopping elsewhere for the past six weeks, because of the frustrating experience of trying to check-out -- almost no cashiers, today I am impressed, you are consistant. Again, we waited 13 minutes for someone to take our money, while several cashiers stocked the chocolate bar racks and two lines of customers ( 5 and 7 deep) waited and complained to each other Is there no one responsible for customer service in that store?

From: sara on Jan-12-2006
while i have been sopping at this store for quiet a long time i like the way that they have a well a socked items but the one thing that i don't. get is when they are bussy during the week there is not enugh chasier's for the amount of line ups that they have i think that they should a lot more cashier's durig the week.

From: Greg on May-22-2006
HORRIBLE line-ups. Although I think it's a great store and I live only a 5min walk away, I almost never shop there. The cashier shortage makes for a very miserable experience.

From: Cee on Jun-16-2006
BRUTAL ligh-ups! They never have enough cashiers and NEVER go on a Sunday - Very slow and expensive...Boooooooo:(

From: Julian Paille on Jun-19-2006
I had a difficult time containing my temper while in this particular Loblaws last month. On my last trip in to the store with my five year old, , I couldn't help but watch in complete anger as a female employee was throwing herself all over a male employee around the meat section. This was completely and utterly inappropriate, especially for in the workplace, where there are young children around. I did nt see the nametag that this person was wearing, but I have checked out through her before, and she is very rude. It's a shame that there are no other grocery stores in the area, I live in a condo on Queens Quay, and I have no other choice but to shop at this store. Don't get me wrong, the store is beautiful, and the shelves are always stocked, and the fruit is fresh - in fact, maybe just teach your staff some professionalism, and then I may be in the position to say I actually enjoy shopping here.

From: Julia Sewells on Aug-27-2006
I've been shopping at Queens Quay for a very long time, At the begining of the year it looked like things had improved in the Grocery area of the store. The shelves and displays were always full. Then in July the store went under renovation,the always customer friendly,knowledgable and hard working(always smiling)Grocery Manager Mark Purtle has been sent to the Loblaws store in Leaside....according to staff. I would think you would keep one of the best staff members at a store,that is in need of customer service. The line ups at the cash desks on week day evenings and weekends are bad,extra staff is needed. Chris Shewchyk (Store Manager) wake up!!!

From: Ginny on Sep-18-2006
The salads are ridiculously expensive. They used to price them according to size and type but now they have changed to weight and some salads are over $7.00 for a single serving salad which is mostly lettuce. The selection is also very lacking in imagination. I work in the area and there aren't many places to go pick up some inexpensive healthy food for lunch. Too bad there isn't a Longo in the neighbourhood where there is an amazing choice of inexpensive salads. Oh well, it forces me to bring a packed lunch on most days which is cheaper anyway.

From: Humiliated & Bullied for $4.99 on Nov-18-2006
TAKE LOBLAWS OFF YOUR SHOPPING LIST I went to this big box store as I was tired after a long work week in a demanding job and could pick up a few t-shirts at Joe, wine and groceries all in one spot. While shopping at Loblaws Queens Quay, I picked up a tube of mascara and threw it in my cart. I continued shopping for about 30 minutes and spent about 5 -7 minutes in line waiting for a cashier who was being trained and loaded my groceries on the belt. I had a purse, a bag fron JOE and one from the LCBO left in the cart. I wheeled the cart into the parking lot and was approached by a man, saying "Come with me" ... needless to say, I had no clue who he was or what he wanted. I asked a young cashier on a smoke break to come and help. I WAS SCARED! He then says .. come with me .. you didn't pay for an item. I looked down and saw the mascara leaning against the side of the cart in plain view. I immediately said " Your're right I forgot about it and didn't see it in my cart, I'll go back and pay." I was told "he couldn't allow it, I'd had my chance and was under arrest." I thought he was kidding at first and said .. "come on - it was an oversight. I waited in line so long and didn't see it in the cart. I forgot I had it. Why would I pay for $20 dollars of groceries, $30 for wine, $50 for t-shirts and not $4.00 for mascara?" his response ... "Maybe you were trying to save money. I won't talk to you here. You must come to the office. You are under arrest." I said "please be reasonable, I have a good job, I am an honest person. I have never stolen anything in my life." His response: "Maybe it's the first time you've been caught. Stop resisting arrest and come with me." I couldn't believe this was happening! I followed him to a small locked room upstairs and was ordered to "sit down while my groceries melted and tears welled up in my eyes.... we hAVE IT ALL ON TAPE!" I said you have what on tape? "How you took the mascara and put it into your cart." i asked for the manager, telling him I was not comfortable with the way he was speaking to me. He said "fine, I'll call - but she cant help you. Give me your Drivers License. You have the right to call your lawyer." "My lawyer? What lawyer .. I am guilty of zoning out in the supermarket and forgetting. I didn't hide it. I didn't put it in my purse. I simply forgot." I can get you a legal aid lawyer. I couldn't believe this was happening! I called my husband on my balckberry and was told by '#0661' to hang up... I was only allowed to call my lawyer. My lawyer? The police arrived and viewed the tape. I sat crying and humiliated.They asked "if he didn't feel that I could have just made a mistake. There was no visible intent to conceal the mascara." They asked what the value of the groceries were ... $20 .. and what was the value of the item? he didn't know and sent the manager for a price check. it was $4.99. "Couldn't it have been an oversight "the police asked. #0661 responded: " I can't say because I don't know her, but she had her chance and didn't pay." #0661 asked the police "will you be arresting her?" "No criminal charges, can we leave?", said the police. "Not yet, I'm not finished with her," said #0661. " I am going to tresspass her so she can't come back to any Loblawsor she will be arrested. I am going to give her a notice of intended legal action by Loblaws to sue for the cost of my time and the item." I asked for his supervisor's name and number. The police walked me out and consoled me. I understand that people have to do their job and that product loss is a big issue. I also think that there is a place for common sense and discretion. I was treated like a criminal and made to feel like I had planned to steal the $4.99 mascara that had simply slipped to the side of the cart. Today I woke up feeling like I had to do something. I called #0661's supervisor. He had given me a wrong number. So much for honesty. TAKE LOBLAWS OFF YOUR SHOPPING LIST

From: Disgruntled Ex-Employee... on Nov-23-2006
I was recently employed at Loblaws 1079. A friend of mine who is a cashier there got me a job in the Holy Smokes, and I didn't mind it at all. My managers at the time, Ray Burn and Rob A, were great people to work for and we got along really well. One day, I had a mix up with a credit card order. My trainer had left out the proper procedures for checking credit card orders, and a customer came in and bought 1,500.00 worth of cigars. Unknowingly, I swiped through the credit card, overrode the caution messages, and sent him on his way...again, unknowingly. I was later informed the credit card was stolen and that the store had to remburse the owner of the card. Ok, I thought, no big deal... it was a mistake, that I admit that I made, oh well... it's over with, and now for next time, I'll know... NOPE!! A few weeks later, I get called in to store manager, Chris Shewchyk's office... they sit me down and they ask me... "Well, what happened here?" Unknowingly, I began to explain about the credit card situation... "No... we're not talking about that... what happened with the items you stole?" WHAT???!!!! Stole? What the hell? I looked on at the store manager and the union rep in confusion... "Stole? I didn't steal anything." "We have you on tape stealing two cigars and a lighter" "....excuse me?" Heavily insulted at this point, and shocked all together. The store manager was trying to tell me that I was on tape stealing two cigars and a lighter. Bull. This was utterly utterly disgusting. What is this, revenge? You can't fire me for wrongfuly putting through a credit card so you'll make up a reason? "You may as well just admit it now." he said. I continued to tell him, that I was not gonna admit to something that I absolutely DID NOT do. There was no tape, at all. Nobody saw a tape, not even the union rep. Well, I was indefinately suspended, and finally just got my papers of termination in the mail a couple months ago. Alright, no big - but... I would hope, that by the time somebody from the labour board, comes knocking on your office door for a copy of that tape, you'd BETTER have one to show or else... ouch. I'd hate to see the problems that would arise there... (you're supposed to keep tapes for 6 months, and on and issue such as this, INDEFINATELY, OR IT'S ILLEGAL)... I hear you get in a lot of trouble, for false termination of one's employment...I guess we'll test that theory Mr. Shewchyk.

From: I work there on Dec-03-2006
Loblaws has been so focused on preparing to compete with Walmart, I'm afraid they've steered themselves terribly off course. Distribution, warehouse, stocking, staff, diving profits/stocks... their list of plagues goes on and on. But fear not, the company has a solution! They will save a whack of money when they slowly phase out all the Loblaws stores and replace them with "Real Canadian Food Stores" and "Great Canadian Superstores". These new banners have atrocious working hours and disgusting pay rates that Walmart has so successfully turned into profitability! Don't be surprise if you start noticing Loblaws stores starting to disappear ( 22 in Ontario are scheduled to close over the next 4 years).

From: Curious about Humiliated & Bullied for $4.99 on Dec-10-2006
I was curious how things were resolved for Humiliated & Bullied for $4.99. I know what it is like to be busy and would hate for an oversight to become such a crushing experience. If you are out there H&B, did the store apologize for their treatment of you? If the police saw the situation as an oversight, why the trespass order - seems like they should be trying to make amends not adding insult to injury. Let me know how its going so I can reconsider going to Loblaws.

From: Mark M - Toronto on Dec-14-2006
I just have to say that I this store is by far the best grocery store around. It' not only a beautiful looking store but also well stocked and maintained. I have no complaints about the customer services. Staff members are always friendly and very helpful. I think the store manager is exceptional at his job. He's always very friendly and helpful. For you "ex-employee" who got fired, just so you know if you belong to a union it's impossible for them to fire you without proof, so chances are they probably have the tapes, trust me I work for a union. It's not the managers fault he's just doing his job!! So Chris keep up the GREAT work.

From: Mary on Dec-14-2006
For the customer who commented on the busy line ups during the weeks..guess what it's called a budget and unfortunately it's out of the store managers hand... It's up to the regional manager to increase that and it's not often suck it up honey!

From: reply to humiliated and bullied for $4.99 on Feb-15-2007
please seek legal advice and SUE them for their treatment of you, if, in fact, your story is correct. What they did was egregious and completely unnecessary. You definitely have grounds for a lawsuit!

From: Alice on Mar-06-2007
This is one of the nicest grocery stores, yes. But I ordered a cake today for an office birthday to be delivered for 12:00 and it's 45 minutes late! This is actually ridiculous!! I will never order a cake from there again.

From: sheena gordon on Apr-06-2007
Since last fall I have noticed a marked change in the stocking of shelves in the store at Queens Quay Loblaws. I am a long time,weekly shopper, at your store but will have to change that if this continues. Yesterday I could not get the large 1% Milk and could not get Diet Tonic (any label) and I have had problems getting both of these products several times before. I have not been able to get Clover Leaf Clams,Reg sized Special K and Fat free Hellmans Mayo on other occasions. Your store has changed from one of the best Loblaws in town to a frustrating place to shop. Sheena Gordon

From: Guthfrithr... on Jun-26-2007
I've beeing shopping at Queens Quay for three years since i moved here from Stockholm. This Store is one of the best store in the area, the store is beautiful and the employees are very nice and friendly. I ways see Chris the store manager working very hard with his team to bring the best shopping experience for the customers. I enjoy shopping at the store and will be back for more. CHRIS keep up the good work.....

From: Scott S. June 26, 2007 on Jun-27-2007
Very nice store to shop...

From: Adela on Jun-28-2007
I always have a pleasent experience at Loblaws Queens Quay. If I need to return something, they are very helpful.The girl in customer service during the week nights is very polite and handles everything with a smile...even when she has a handful of customers waiting. The IS a grocery store and we DO have to wait in line.Try using the sef serve sometimes.

From: To: humiliated and bullied on Jul-18-2007
Who were the employees that did that to you? ie what are their names? have they been terminated? something needs to be done about this, because i know of a similar situation that happened over a yoghurt in no frills. It is ridiculous - we are living in Canada, not in Iran, and this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. I would absolutely freak out if anyone spoke to me that way & I would definitely make sure they were terminated, if not demand some kind of compensation. The other thing you can do is go to (or threaten to go to) the media.

From: Mr Elliott on Jan-10-2008
My family and i purchased a fresh turkey from the Loblaws Queen's Quay location a few days before christmas to find out that it was rancid and could have made all of us very sick not to mention ruin our christmas! We returned the turkey for a refund, which we received but we also filled out a complaint and have yet to officially get a response or an apology. We are VERY disgusted with the poor quality and lack of concern for our well being as regular consumers of the Loblaws stores in Toronto!

From: .HORRIFIED on Oct-14-2008
As an employee of Loblaw, and I have seen first hand the mistreatment, bullying and the continious threats from a Low Life SUPERVISOR not a Manager as he would like people to believe: Ken Zimmer. Zimmer is continously Shorting people on their pay checks, and then they will fire you and not pay you the hours shorted or money owed to employees. There is a PENALTY in the Union Contract where They have to pay the employee 10% of the Shorted amount. Let's do a Calculation: let's say $15 / hr, if the paycheck is 10 hours ($150) short the Penalty is $15.00. but then they will turn around and fire people on probation who are mostly immigrants who are not aware of their rights as Loblaw refuses to hand the Employees the Union Guide which Explains the rights to an employee. Not knowing any of their rights they go on to another job leaving Loblaw with THEIR Wages. So by screwing 1 employee out of 10 hours will allow them to use that unpaid amount ($150) to play as penalty for 10 other employees that where short 10 hours on their checks. WARNING: THE SUPERSTORE WAS SHOPPED BY SECRET SHOPPERS WHO PURCHASED BABY FOOD 11 MONTHS PAST IT'S EXPIRY DATE. THEY HAVE ALSO BEEN KNOWN TO SWITCH DATES ON MEAT. BUT NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. We just have to wait till a baby out there DIES before some one. With So many Health Violations it feels like the Health Inspector Has been Paid, know what I mean. This is not an Isolated incident. Somebody Please Help and Send some honest Health inspector in there and they WILL shut the Place down when they see the filt and smell the horrifying Stench in the stores. Such horrible conditions you may expect to see in a third world country. I know, I have been there oth in the third world country and Superstores.

From: HORRIFIED on Oct-14-2008
The Union has sent a letter to Loblaw Making them aware of this Situation However if there is no Honest Health inspectors going into the Stores to Check up on it These Violations will Continue as they have been in the Past. My question to the World is how can a Business Continue operate like this? Another Violation: Immigrant Cashier who comes from bad conditions working at the store not knowing their rights (under the threat of getting fired)was refused a visit to the Washroom and ended up peeing in their Pants while ringing through your groceries. I hope this will open your eyes to the fact that Loblaw ABUSES IMMIGRANTS. There is Plenty of them so Fire some and Hire New One.

From: Donna on Jan-27-2009
hello iam very sad to see those empolyee who is not happy because how they being treat not what they doing and no one cares about thier rights i seen my owen eyes the maneger of food area(marchetta) yelling to emplyee fornt of me and she really did'ng care about customer around her so asked her if she was ok and did'ng looked at me and she kept yelling until i said would you please stoped or iam going calle to huimin rights etc. She is really pully to employees and verry sick person need help

From: Donna on Jan-27-2009
hello iam very sad to see those empolyee who is not happy because how they being treat not what they doing and no one cares about thier rights i seen my owen eyes the maneger of food area(marchetta) yelling to emplyee fornt of me and she really did'ng care about customer around her so asked her if she was ok and did'ng looked at me and she kept yelling until i said would you please stoped or iam going calle to huimin rights etc. She is really pully to employees and verry sick person need help

From: Maria on Jan-27-2009
Donna, which marchetta manager are you talking about. They should be written up for harassment, call the union on her

From: Getach on Jan-28-2009
I see the manager at Marchetta Queens Quay abuse and bullyiing the staff. she favour people who she like. They to are abuseing others. The manager she do nothing.She yell and attack the people working there. I hear her abuse customers to she like hire people from her country. HOw she can do this in Canada why noone say anything to help the people.This is not right maybe I go to the Newspaper.

From: Laura on Jan-28-2009
Because of the closing of one of the stores due to rat droppings we at Queens Quay where forced to due outrages cleanup duties. We had to look for mouse do do. It is not the employees fault that these stores have rats and mice.Scrubbing and mopping and moving heavy industrial equipmeant is a health and safety issue.Then to be told that we had to look for mouse do do was pathetic. This kind of cleanup is supposed to be done by professionals. Then to be inhaling pestiside that was placed right beside us and including around the food area and not explained to us what kind of chemical it was has got to be health hazard.Where are our human rights?? What is really going on with our so called colleague Galen Weston. Customers please take a look at us when you are shopping.Watch the way we are treated. You are human like we are. This can effect you also. If the employees are well treated and work in a healthy place then the quality of eveything is enhanced.Did you ever think that this issue could be the reason there are so many complaints about the Queens Quay store.

From: robert on Feb-16-2009
Because if you say anything to her she will scream racism. She even has to be told to wear her hairnet

From: Martin on Feb-25-2009
I was wondering why Queen's Quay after so many Health and safety infractions manages to always get a pass from Toronto Health Dept. It may look good but be careful things are nasty.You may be putting you and your family at risk. My eyes are wide open. The Health Dept must be very corrupt. Something is wrong.The same thing happened at the Maple Leaf Plant . They got a pass and now again there's a problem with a product. It's not only Loblaws this is going on all over the city. u

From: Martin on Sep-02-2009
Great fall harvest look and grown so close to home how wonderful. Truth is a lot of those bins come from not so close to home. Quebec is fairly close but I Don"t know about Saskatchewan. Watch the commercial. Anyway I have to admit I think Loblaws has the best produce in Toronto.

From: jack gilbert on Sep-28-2009
I just shopped at your store (Monday Sept 28 at 4.30pm)and bought a cooked chicken. I asked the person attending to cut it into portions. Two things he did wrong 1)he handled the chicken with tongs and bare hands and 2) he cut it with a pair of scissors which had been lying on the counter unwashed and again using his bare hands. I foolishly did not say anything to him. When I got home and told my wife she refused to eat any of the chicken. At that point I was not prepared to head off to your store again and decided instead to offer you this complaint. Clean up your act I suggest.Today washing hands because of the swine flu bug is broadcast all over the place. surely this should apply in the above case and clean covered hands and clean utensils used.

From: elena on Nov-11-2009
I have never been at Queens Quay Loblaws store but I attend to go and see for myself. I have only heard about this store that is very big and very neet store.

From: tony montana on Aug-05-2010
jack gilbert, that's the standard procedure for cutting chicken. the counter is always sanatized, as are the tongs. there is no need for gloves as they don't come in contact with the chicken.

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