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User Reviews and comments on Queen of Tarts

From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Very good tarts and quiches. My favorites are the goat cheese quiches and the chocolate raspberry tart.

From: dominadella on Mar-24-2003
The Queen of YUMMYTREATS inda city.The ONLY place in Tdot where I RETURN for the TARTS.Favorites are:Butter Pecan/Lemon/Lime.Gotta have at least one of each.Enuf ta share....but who wants to?!?Great cookies/biscuits/bagels...mouth watering.....also savoury treats & much better than a candy store though you may very well find candy as well...FORGET ABOUT THE DIET AS ITZ ALL GOOD!

From: Loucious on May-08-2003
Awesome desserts, especially anything with chocolate. I'd rather keep this a secret but, the bittersweet tart is out of this world.

From: Anne on Apr-02-2004
I love your sex in the city gingerbreads! great idea

From: shelley barnett on Nov-13-2004
I don't know if it was my mood or the server (or maybe she is the owner) but I went in to the Queen of Tarts to buy some Bride & Groom gingerbread men. There were not that many brides left so I bought 5 "couples"all plus some others. The server was nice enough to tell me that one of the brides didn't look so good, so I put that one back and grabbed the last bride. I am wearing a leather jacket with zippers up the side and rings on the end. My ring clanged on the metal container. The server said "don't throw the ginger bread down like that" I let it go, because why start an argument? She rang up my order (over 60.00) and then looked at me and said "Be careful, these can break". I told her "I know that they can break and don't give me a lecture". She said she isn't giving a lecture but because I "threw" done the other gingerbread man I must not be aware and it was only advise. I said it was good advise if the customer was 15 years old but I am almost 50 years old and quite aware of breakage and I also informed her it was the ring on my jacket that hit the metal container and I didn't throw the gingerbread man back in. She said if you don't want to buy them then that's okay with her. Well, I had already walked up to get them so I still purchased. I am now at home and thinking, I shouldn't have purchased because at the end of the day I am the customer. I work for American Express long enough to know you treat the customer with respect. If she owns the store, don't worry I will not be back - I will buy the rest of the goodies for the wedding at another bakery, and if she is not the owner the owner should know what he/she has hired. Thank you for hearing me out. Thank her for ruining a fun moment, buying funny gingerbread men for my son's wedding next week Shelley Barnett

From: Eleonor & Thomas on May-22-2005
My son and I travelled to the Queen of Tarts on one most auspicious Tuesday morning to buy my husband a giant birthday tart. We love to buy tarts when we're in Roncesvalles, so as a surprise we wanted him to have one for his special day. I had my baby in the stroller and couldn't hold the tart and push the stroller at the same time. The wonderful lady with skin as chocolatey as the most chocolate of tarts tied a long string around the box so that I could carry it and push my son's stroller. How nice. The tart was a huge hit and my husband was very impressed. We often buy cakes for birthdays - but from now on only the queen of tarts will be on our birthday lists (even though we frown upon the monarchy system). Thanks Queen of Tarts for a tantalizing, mouthwatering experience.

From: quevin on Feb-03-2006
I was excited about this place until I actually went in. Crap service and a very mediocre product.

From: mx on May-11-2006
To counter quevin's experience, mine was diametrically opposed. The service I had was extremely friendly and helpful. I bought two mini tarts: a Mexican chocolate and a banana cream, which I shared with friends. The Mexican chocolate had a fiery hint of red pepper, which was unexpected but shouldnít have been, given the name. I havenít had this pairing since a hot chocolate tasting in Edinburgh two years ago, and I love it. The banana cream was the lightest of creams and paired quite nicely with the Mexican chocolate, as it turned out. I am eager to go back and try more of the many varieties they offer.

From: Dev on Dec-25-2006
Sorry, but I have to agree with quevin. I found the baked goods very pedestrian and toally over rated for all the hype this place has received. I also found the service very poor. Too much attitude. Ths is a bakery - not the most intellectual endeavour in life!

From: roncess_girl on May-21-2007
I'm inclined to believe the negative comments about the "attitude" at this place, having known the owner, Stephanie Pick (friend of a friend) a few years ago. It was probably The Queen of Attitude herself behind the counter. Even when serving up her own fluffy creations, it's impossible for her to lighten up. Does one need a PhD to bake tarts? I think not.

From: Martin/Denise on Jun-04-2007
I start the morning with a genuine espresso from our genuine Saeco Italian coffee maker. It's enjoyment is enhanced 250% when soaking in a Q of T biscotti. While they're all delicious the ginger laden one is my favourite. That's the "pedestrian" side of the Queen's plethora of delights. Now on more formal or celebratory occasions indulge in the chocolate raspberry delights and the other visual; direct- to- the- gustatory senses" pleasures and indeed the Queen does live up to her billing. Cuisine is an ongoing and emerging art expression and this bakery combines it all; maybe a Ph.D isn't required but a sense of flavour, taste and artistry enhances the pleasure of the table.

From: Mary on Jun-04-2007
Amazing how people have time to write unpleasant comments after one visit! I have always found the staff at "The Queen" to be helpful, informative ( even offering baking tips to use at home)and always polite. The tarts are premium quality and never fail to impress guests, many of whom wish there were a Queen of Tarts in their neighbourhood. I love the sense of humour evident in the theme and "personality' gingerbread cookies. Long live the Queen!

From: sochow on Jun-05-2007
Iíd like to stick my oar in on this thread, to say that I have been a regular customer of the Queen of Tarts since it opened. My experience has invariably been extremely good: the quality of the pastries is exceptional, the products original, and the staff friendly and helpful. I am regularly greeted with a smile and willing assistance. Perhaps this one experience may have been the result of a bad day Ė for both people involved maybe? Good thing the proverbial spoonful of sugar Ė my latest favourite fix is the turtle tart - is so sweet. Itís a well known fact that satisfied customers rarely take the time to put pen to paper, so thought this thread needed to be balanced by a regular with a positive experience. Roncesvalles Village is lucky to have such a wonderful pastry shop.

From: Anneli T. Crocker on Jul-19-2007
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - YUM! YUM! - Our daughters who reside in Toronto sent their Dad for his upcoming 65th Birthday, one of the gingerbread/cake cookies along with the gingerbread letters spelling Dad - he has not eaten his as yet, however, the girls sent myself a "Martha" gingerbread cookie and I have eaten mine - the decorating is incredibly unique - very delicious. They also sent "the Naughty Nurse" to our son's girlfriend and for their brother who is a firefighter, the firefighter cookie, I have yet to have feedback from them! The cookies travelled very well, being intact on arrival today! THANK YOU!

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From: Laur on Apr-23-2008
What an incredible place! not only are their products DELECTABLE, but the employees there are a truly wonderful bunch! My uncle was at Queen of Tarts the other day, looking for some desserts for a big family get-together. When he came home, he told me how an incredibly kind girl named Rena had very patiently helped him pick out all the tarts for his dinner party! It is the wonderful employees like these that make a customer want to keep on coming back! And of course, the desserts were a huge hit at the party. Well done Queen of Tarts!

From: Katherine on Jun-05-2008
I live in the nieghbourhood and visit the store quite often . The tarts are gorgeous & tastey and the biscotti are quite good. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. If I see the owner at the desk, I keep going...... She is never friendly. BTW the cakes are really dry and lack flavour.

From: Mel Tay on Oct-07-2008
I want to love this place, I really do. It's charmingly decorated, spotless and the products are creative and fun. But I'm always dismayed by the owner's lack of 'sympatico' - when I've asked for recommendations in the past, she's replied indifferently -"I don't know, I never eat the stuff"! Baked goods are luxurious indulgences, let's face it, and all the elements should be a bit whimsical and light-hearted and even a bit frilly. I also think their cookies are a ridiculous price and their gingerbread figures, though quite attractive, are about impossible to eat; even the kids I've given them to have complained that they're too hard on the teeth. But tarts are their speciality and they're wonderful. So it's a draw....

From: Dublin Reviewer on Feb-19-2010
I completely agree with the comments about the owner. Our office orders a cake from there twice a month but when I called today I received nothing but attitude. I go there often and have seen and heard the owner so I recognised her on the phone. I cant understand how she can have such attitude when we spend so much money there? I love the coffee and the cakes but am reluctant to return.

From: anonymous on Feb-22-2010
Hey "Dublin Reviewer" I think you have the wrong QofT here, this is for the Toronto QofT not the Dublin QofT given the fact that the foremost is closed for good and does not serve coffee, maybe you should get your facts straight before you go slagging off perhaps the owner of the Dublin QofT has good reason to have attitude, I would too if I had to deal with whinny costumers like you! so what if your office buys cakes there 2x a month, Its dame hard work running a pastry/bake shop. I think your the one with the attitude.

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