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User Reviews and comments on Patisserie Saint Honore

From: Mario on Mar-21-2003
Amazing croissants and baguettes!

From: bruno on May-01-2003
bonjour jean-jacques,heurex de te retrouver sur le net,ainsi que ta patisserie,cela me rappelle des bons souvenirs.Comment va la vie a toronto avec la SRAS,ton épouse et toi n'avez rien j'éspère.Les nouvelles arrivent jusqu'ici.A BIENTOT,my friend and take care of you.

From: Nadine on Mar-20-2004
One of the best croissants I have eaten in Toronto. I was not impressed with the pains au chocolat, raisin brioche or any other item in that patisserie. Just decent service.

From: Pierre Brutton on Apr-24-2004
The absolute best croissants in all of Toronto. Very reasonable prices. Down to earth owner. The best cheesecake in the world! I asked the owner about the cheesecake andhe says taht it is baked for at least two hours slowly done. Very well presented with fresh fruit toppings. The Greek salad is absolutely incredible. A must try.

From: Lidia on Jun-07-2006
The most obnoxious owner we ever met!!! He takes cash only so he can hide some of it. Don't ask him too many questions, he always has an ugly remark. The danishes are very good, though.

From: Roland on Oct-04-2006
The owner of this establishment needs a lesson in manners. A very rude and obnoxious propeitor to say the least. Unfortunately, when granting Canadian Citizenship humility is not a requirement. This is Toronto not France! You know what he can do with his Croissants don't you? I have decided to take my business elsewhere.

From: odqzinj dwoyvue on Jan-24-2007
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From: odqzinj dwoyvue on Jan-24-2007
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From: Marie on Feb-25-2007
Although his baguettes and chocolate croissants are quite exceptional, this rather obnoxious and arrogant drunkard will get his just deserts one day. I try to avoid him at all costs. Oddly, he knows how to choose his staff to make up for his course demeanor (which is the only time I will buy anything, or else I'm out the door). Unfortunately, you have to know which staff member can give you change or else they call for the demon from the lower layer of hell where he resides (the basement). The food is highly recommended, but beware all ye who enter!

From: aurelien on Mar-09-2007
I just can't believe some of those comments... Jean-Jacques is a very fine person and I've never had any issues with him. The food is fabulous, affordable, and you must buy the croissants there are they are simply the best I've ever had (and I've lived in France 20+ years). Although the baguettes are not as good as some other bakeries, I recommend trying the multigrain loaf. And finally, maybe those of you who posted disparaging comments would want to try again. And try to be nice this time. I'm not privy to the situation but I'm sure you'll be treated courteously if you treat others the same.

From: Cathy on Apr-25-2007
The food is very good but sadly the owner, Jean-Jacques, is quite crude. This is where one must ask themselves if the fine quality of food makes up for his lack of finesse. Obviously, some people can deal with Jean-Jacques and others cannot, and of course, that is everyone's right to decide for themselves. Fortunately, he is not the only patisserie in Toronto.

From: caramelized lemon on May-05-2007
I can't believe the good reviews for this place! The croissants were huge and doughy and messy. Any supermarket, or franchise bakery sells croissants of the same quality. Also, I agree with the person who said the service was rude. The owners need to learn a thing or two. To give this place 2 baguettes is an insult to other 2 baguette patisseries. I'd change their rating to two trans fat laden doughnuts. I won't be going back!

From: Anonymous on Sep-08-2007
The owner is rude rude rude! The food must be outstanding because I can't believe that anyone would return for that kind of service. I inquired about a custom cake for an upcoming special occasion, and the response I got was that he doesn't "have time for cakes". According to him, they're alot of work and people don't want to pay what they're worth. He told me to go to Costco if I want cake. Nice. He is also quite rude to his staff, which I cannot tolerate. I don't think I will ever return there - there are other merchants to whom I would much rather give my business.

From: anonymous on Sep-26-2007
Agree with the comments on the rudeness of the owner. I call him the "Vichy French Baker" (our version of the soup nazi). Having said that. I keep going back for his pain au chocolat - truly to die for. What can I say - I'm a prisoner. For a much more pleasant customer experience, try Ma Maison on Dundas just West of Prince Edward (south side).

From: Stephanie on Feb-22-2008
Je suis TOTALEMENT d'accord avec tout ces commentaires !!! J'ai eu l'occasion d'etre une fidele cliente, mais le service ainsi que l'accueil est devenu de pire en pire, le local est sale aucune hygiene, les produits sont perimes !! Mais ce qui me choque le plus c'est le comportement du proprietaire, Jean Jacques, malpoli, arrogant avec les clients et son Staff !! en plus il est la plupart du temps saoul Personnellement je vous conseil pas d'y aller et un mot pour Jean JACQUES vous perdez votre fidele cliente qui va chez la concurrence car le service est meilleur, par exemple Chez Ma Maison, bon service, agreable patron, delicieux produits !!!! Je vous conseille de revoir votre comportement et de renove votre local !!!

From: tj on Apr-04-2009
It's true the owner is rude, but mainly because he tries to force customers to buy things they didn't come for. While this is annoying, and I certainly have left with baguettes and danishes I didn't quite want, I sympathize with the owner for doing this because he probably has a hard time getting enough business in this neighbourhood. What keeps me coming back is the amazing food, desserts and croissants. We need to support local bakeries like this gem so they don't disappear. Just be firm and don't let the owner push you around. The food here is amazing and I give them my business as often as possible to support them.

From: Daniel on Feb-21-2010
I agree with the other comments the owner Jean Jacques is a total arrogant idiot and racist, he ask me if a I was Jewish. because he does not sell to Jews. Maybe should go back to his roots in Vichy France.

From: chokolada on Sep-28-2010
Yes, the owner is a madman, and I too have (on many occassions) ended up walking to my car with a baguette in my hand when all I stopped in for was a few croissants. I don't normally like chocolate croissants but his are divine. I think he mentioned to me once that he is Swiss, not French.

From: chokolada on Sep-28-2010
Also, I love his mille feuilles. The earlier you go, the less crazy he is. It is when the day winds down that he starts to harass you into buying things you didn't ask for. He will LITERALLY shove items you didn't ask for into your bag and not give you your change back to get rid of what he's got left. To avoid this absurdity, simply try to stop in well before closing.

From: Allio on May-14-2011
Do not go to this store or you will be disappointed ! I am a French living here in Toronto, and despite the fact that many of our friends told us not to go, we still decided to give it a try. We were VERY disappointed by the quality of the food and by the service !! He even asked us to pay extra because we were carrying an empty mug from outside !! We will go from now to "Pain perdu" on St Clair av. , their croissants are way much better and good looking. And they are nice and friendly, a better experience of France. 

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