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User Reviews and comments on Godiva Chocolatier

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Godiva is to chocolate as Heineken is to imported beer: a triumph of marketing over quality.

From: Kenneth on Mar-24-2004
Overpriced and overrated.

From: louise on May-07-2004
Good quality but not as great as many local chocolatiers like J.S Bonbons or Stubbe.

From: a nony moose on Nov-26-2004
If you are a true chocolate gourmand and someone tries to impress you with the knowledge that Godiva chocolates are 'the best' - RUN!!!

From: Danielle on Jun-25-2008
I can't stand shopping at Godiva. Their "customer service" is so over the top that it rings fake to me. Seriously, there are no genuinely nice people anymore. Their prices are a rip and I bet they know it and still tries to push this and that on top of your sale.

From: janine on Oct-25-2008
I like godiva chocolate even though i do think it is over priced. For the reviewers who do not think it is good chocolate please advise the rest of us where we can find better.

From: CHOCOLATIER on Apr-17-2009
I have been to Godiva a couple of times to check the quality of their products and see if its really worth to pay $2.70 for a truffle, the flavor was not bad but still overpriced. The chocolate dipped fruits were pretty bad and sloppy looking. The chocolate was totally bloomed and i don't think their staff is totally trained to recognized when chocolate is well tempered or not. $5 dollars for a single chocolate covered strawberry?? If it was nicely decorated it would be fair to charge that price.

From: Chris on Aug-07-2009
Godiva chocolates are a total let disappointment. Just look at the ingredients behind the box, and you'll understand why. This stuff is full of chemicals, harmful preservatives, and even aluminum, which can cause health problems. The taste and freshness of the sweets is very average. This company just markets themselves very well, and people who don't know better think it's all the rage. No thank you. I'll continue supporting the local handmade chocolatiers, which offer tastier, fresher, and healthier treats.

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