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User Reviews and comments on Leonidas

From: Alyssa on Jul-13-2004
I love Leonidas marzipan! Try the strawberry shaped marzipan lightly sprinkled with a red sprinkle coating. This treat has been a favorite for me since I lived in Leuven, Belgium for a year!

From: ari backman on Jul-27-2009
The Leonidas Chicago is relocated to 59 E. Chicago, Chicago IL 60611 and reopens in October 2009. You can also get Leonidas chocolates from Leonidas Wilmette, 1157 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette IL 60091 (847) 256 5250 or ClubLeonidas dotcom.

From: Jean Nelson on Apr-02-2010
I am so happy you have finally opened your store. Leonidas is the best chocolate ever. Can't wait

From: disappointed on May-27-2010
My husband and I were very happy when the store first opened. Our first two visits were great,we love a good espresso in a nice setting. The next visit was a disappointment; the staff was completely new, service was lacking, espresso was watery and we were charged over 15 dollars for two single espressos and one croissant!! Our last visit was today, we were served by completely new and apparently untrained staff; you can not make an worse espresso even if you tried. When we asked the guy to please remake them he could not even understand what was wrong with them. For a place that claims excellence, this is unacceptable. We are not going back again!

From: Ari on Aug-05-2010
Comment for the disappointed customer: - The espresso and service has been since corrected. The equipment was malfunctioning at the time and caused reduction in espresso shot - The person in question no longer is in staff and the start up issues have been addressed - One croissant and two espressos (double each) cost is $2.25+$6.50+tax = $9.65 We welcome you to try again our Illy espresso. We also have a special; Medium latte + Croissant for $4.50+tax (under $5 total).

From: Nicole- on Jan-23-2011
The service may not always be super fast, but the croissants are best in the city... macaroons as well... imported from France... the croissants dough is also imported from France... best in the city again... Absolutely, love the place and will keep going there every morning/or almost!!!

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