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User Reviews and comments on Moonstruck Chocolate

From: Karen Taylor on Jun-14-2003
We visited Chicago from the UK in February and went into Moonstruck every day of our trip! It was delicious and a welcome relief from the cold! The staff were very friendly and welcoming...we'll definitely go back!

From: Amy Delaney on Aug-12-2004
Wonderful chocolates and coffees, a treasure on Michigan Avenue. I meet my girlfriends there and we pretend we're in another country.

From: Dave L on Feb-22-2005
I love the chocolates. Not only are they wonderful to eat but they are beautiful too. However I am not sure that did their research correctly. I visited the Moonstruck website and it says there are 6 cafes not seven like states.

From: cujgqryan kicse on Jan-24-2007
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From: Mad Janet on Mar-22-2007
I never heard of Moonstruck Chocolate before the other day when I was watching my local Seattle news and saw that they were sueing a small town coffeeshop called Moonray Espresso claiming Trademark Infringement. Not only is that not true, they were pleased to be in an article in 2001 in INC. where the article tagline is: "Not only is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, but it may also be the easiest way to make a buck. " The founders of Moonstruck flat out copied the model of Starbucks (Moon-Struck....Star-Buck.) "Bill and Deb Simmons couldn't help noticing the success of Starbucks. Perhaps it was worth copying. "The more we poked at the Starbucks model, the better it looked," says Bill, who wondered what other commodity could command a cult following." They also "claim" that the origin of the name is "somewhat hazy" but oh no, OF COURSE we didnt' copy it from the MOVIE! Something about some romantic walk is the "rumor." BULL. Back in 2001, the article says that wanted to do what Starbuck's had done but with chocolate instead. NOW, when they're sueing Moonray Espresso, they say "That Moonray sells coffee, as Moonstruck's own shops do, adds to the confusion, the Portland company claims." I hate corporate bullies and especially ones that flat out COPIED to start their own business and now are trying to quash a small espresso shop who is NOT trying to copy them! I'd never heard of Moonstruck Chocolates before but now, just the name will forever leave a bitter taste in my mouth!

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