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User Reviews and comments on St John's Bakery

From: Robert Lampard on Aug-06-2003
I go to their location in the St. Lawrence Market and have fornd all their goods excellent. especially their chala and kaiser buns.

From: roberto on Jul-05-2004
i find their bread the bread os st.john's the only bread i eat in toronto. its what bread should taste like it leaves a taste in you mouth that only good bread can...when i was growing up in france i remeber bread tasting just that way... few people know what bread real french bread should taste like that is why they keep buying the baquettes and think that they are good... love their bread just plain love it thank you

From: lucy on Jul-06-2004
wow just discovered this bakery inmy part of town best bread i remember ever eating great bread!!!

From: lucy on Jul-06-2004
wow just discovered this bakery inmy part of town best bread i remember ever eating great bread!!!

From: john on Sep-27-2004
their natural levin bread is truly the best bread i ever have eaten and certainly the best in toronto ace move over please!

From: Julie on Oct-15-2004
I bought two kinds of sour dough bread from St. John's Bakery. I lived near San Francisco for years and ate a lot of great sour dough bread there. You may find bread as good as that from St. John's elsewhere in the world, but I can't imagine any better.

From: donny on May-28-2007
st.john's bakery has some really talented bakers there thats for sure

From: Paul on Jul-05-2007
I live in the neigbourhood and always love to support a small business like St. John's Bakery. I visited the store three times and each time I had found that their products are mediocre, inconsistant. I was also found that their staff are not really friendly. It seems to me that they are not really care much about selling anything much at their retail store. I think they focused more to supply their products to bigger store like Big Carrot etc.

From: joyce on May-26-2008
wow i just discovered this new bakery on my street!! its great best bread adn french cakes ever had this side of the big pond. the staff is super nice and they love what they are doing ,plus it helps people get off the street into real work ...this bakery doesnot make bread they make art!!!

From: Standly Wellington on Dec-23-2008
The first time I walked in to St.Johns Bakery I could not even contain myself.I fell right in love with the bread.The crumb was the best that I have seen in many years, very nice lots of holes ( bubbles ) chewy and the crust wow great color lots of blistering and very crunchy.I was also pleased to see Red Fife making a come back, not too many bakery's know how to make Red Fife properly but the Red Fife at St.Jonhs is well worth the price.

From: Gordon on Jan-26-2010
I have worked at the bakery for 5 years plus. I bake the baguettes 4 mornings per week. I believe we have a product that is in the top range of artisanal bread in Toronto. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with being near the top!

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