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User Reviews and comments on Holt Renfrew Epicure Shoppe

From: Carrie L on Apr-05-2003
LOVE this store -- they carry products that aren't available (at least not in the downtown vicinity). Service is quick and knowledgeable.

From: victoria on May-17-2003
I've been a regular visitor to your store for several years now and I do enjoy meeting my friends for coffee and dessert at the cafe. You provide great service and your staff is to be commended for this.

From: Kim Monique Pimentel on Oct-25-2003
Although I live in Beverly Hills now, I still maintain a suite at the Manulife Centre on 44 Charles.Great things always happen when you have access to the most exclusive shopping in your neighborhood. I get all my gift baskets from Epicure Shoppe. It's a one stop shopping for the best gift ideas. Very decadent indeed. Makes shopping more enjoyable when you get the best stuff in one place. Not even Rodeo Drive can dare to compare!!!!

From: Webb Morrison on Dec-07-2003
One of the options on your website is to "Visit the Holt Renfrew Epicure Shop" which leads to Holt Renfrew's major site where it appears to be impossible to find the "Epicure Shop". Does the Epicure Shop, in fact, have its own website where one can find a list of products available? An early reply would be appreciated.

From: YummyTeam on Dec-08-2003
Sorry, it appears that the official Holt Renfrew website does not give any more information about the Epicure Shoppe...

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