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User Reviews and comments on Alex Farm Products

From: LRR on Feb-16-2003
Don't forget the other outlets - Chester/Danforth, Yonge/Eglinton to name two. The knowledgeable staff are also friendly - very rare!

From: David Jennings on Aug-10-2003
I have been a loyal client of Alex Farms for over two years, I have always found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful. However, recently my family from overseas were visiting Toronto and they wanted cheese, so I took them to Alex cheese farms. This day was the worst experience I had at Alex farms, Apparently someone claiming to be the owner was working there on that day, my mother in law asked her some questions, she was very rude and spoke to us in a very condecending manner giving us the impression that she did not care to have us in her store, nor answer our questions. Off course I would never shop there anymore and even though their products are very good, the person claiming to be the owner lacked good character and doesn't deserve peoples business.

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From: Karen Schilling on Sep-03-2004
If you are looking for quality products, with amazing service. This is where to go. Their cheese is to die for, pasta amazing, and bread is killer. I go to the location at Bayview, and they make you feel special, by remembering what preferences you like, only after 2 or 3 visits. I have had friends who have moved away, and when they come back, they specifically ask for my famous meal. All with Alex Farm Products!!

From: Mike S. on Oct-15-2005
I go to the Alex Farm store at Humbertown plaza located @ 270 The kingsway . They have great service and the quality products were all used to when shopping at an Alex Farm Store. They have an excellent selection of cheeses, oils, vinegers, crackers, etc. at really competitive prices. Anyone who hasnt visited this new location should definately check it out , you wont be disappointed!

From: Marli on Nov-02-2006
I've used Alex Cheese numerous times, I usually frequent the Danforth Ave. Store, but I've also been to the St. Lawrence Market and Beach location. The selection and prices are fantastic but beware of over-ripe, past the sell by date cheeses, check the date and smell or taste the cheese before you buy, don't wait until you get home (like me!). I like to buy more obscure cheeses and this is where I've had the problem. But I've never had a problem with their more conventional cheeses.

From: Steve on Dec-28-2006
I love the services and products that alex farm provides.I often go to the store near the beach on queens and woodbine.I recommand people to check it out, their smiles and friendly enviorment is what i love the most, so as their products and prices.

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