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User Reviews and comments on Joseph Schmidt Confections

From: Michele on Apr-13-2003
This is what I call chocolate that could be made better. the truffles seem to be just perfect in sweetness, smoothness, quality and variety ; the design is indeed all unique. The are really the best box of chocolates I have ever had.

From: Loucious on May-09-2003
These chocolates are really great, especially if you like soft fillings and hard shells. Even better, is that most chocolates have dark centres. The most affordable way to buy them is individually. The pre-boxed ones are a lot more expensive because you're usually paying for the decorative boxes. The raspberry truffle is outstanding.

From: Katelyn on Feb-16-2005
My first experience with a Joseph Schmidt truffle (All Milk) was a bite into MOLD! Was this left over from the 1st batch stashed in Schmidt's garage? I payed close to $3.00 for the most disgusting bite I've ever tasted (and swallowed!!!) Needless to say J.S. truffles have left a horrid taste in my mouth.

From: Rita on Mar-19-2005
The chocolates are really good, but!! The sellers are really not nice. I don't know why they all looks angry to you even though they're working with those lovely chocolate. It really dissapoints me on this and I don't know if I should go next time.

From: Cessivingliff on Oct-25-2012
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