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User Reviews and comments on Phipps Bakery Cafe

From: Mike Shine on Feb-23-2004
I was in vacation in Toronto and I went to Phipps Desserts and wow! It was so good!!!! I wanted to taste everything! The staff is very nice too! Go there! Your stomach deserves it!

From: Janet Schreiber on Jul-09-2004
I am the owner from Phipps and I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to read all the comments about our place on your website. Thank you. You made my day!

From: fraser short on Apr-12-2005
HI! i Love phipps and i get many desserts from there and i know the owners and they are great people and the store is a great place to be with great foods and great stuff.You can never get anough phipps is all i can say

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
they have the most delicous pasta salads and the most amazing desserts!

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
They have the most delicious pasta salads and the most amazing desserts!

From: Brooke Knight on Jun-11-2006
I acquired your wonderful Bran Muffin recipe when the Toronto Star's TV Guide published the recipe many years ago. I laminted it so that it would last me through the years turning to it every time I want to bake a "heart healthy" Bran Muffin. It also gets the "thumbs up" from my family especially when I add blueberries or frozen cranberries! B. Knight Bradford, Ontario Canada

From: michelle on Jun-03-2007
yummy but pricey

From: Sandy-Toronto on Mar-23-2009
Phipps is one of the most wonderful jewels in the city of Toronto. It is so homey and charming as is the staff. The products are all made from scratch and delicious and the salad bar is the best deal in town. We love how kid friendly the owner is as well as they can accomodate the needs of both adults and children. I have never left there without buying a little treat to go as well. Phipps, you are doing everything right !! Please stick around forever.

From: Roxanne on Mar-18-2010
I am fortunate to live near Phipps although shops like Pusateri's carry many of their baked goods. The absolute house specialty has to be the Apple Divine cake that I serve in the morning with coffee or after a meal with icecream. Truly amazing! Phipps ratatouille is the best in the city and no need to spend hours making it when it won't surpass theirs. The cookies, the butter tarts, the delicious cakes and pies are outstanding.

From: George on Mar-27-2010
I never write reviews but what I ate there today was so revolting that I felt I had no choice but to write this review. This place is an absolute joke. We bought some croissants there and they were so aweful that after two bites I threw them in the garbage (after one bite I couldn't believe a croissant could taste so aweful so I had a second bite just to confirm my initial impression). Although I have heard their pies may be good, the simple fact that they would sell this refuse to people speaks volumes - you are better off with two-day old baked goods and pastries from a grocery store chain.

From: Maria on May-03-2010
I am a frequent-er of Phipps Bakery Cafe. I live in the yonge-eglinton area and it's my favourite cafe to visit. The atmosphere is absolutely charming. The staff are so friendly and kind. The interior decorating is delightful, full of colour and creativity! And of course, their goodies are delicious. My usual order is a coffee and a muffin. They have great coffee, in perfect mugs (according to my taste); and their muffins - well, let's just say - as one who has tried the muffins of almost every other coffee shop in the area, theirs are definitely my favorite. I've also tried some of their cookies and tarts and pie samples in the past and they have all been so tasty. They have a great salad bar too with a plethora of healthy choices! I love Phipps and will continue to be a regular visitor. I would recommend this cafe to anyone and everyone for breakfast, lunch, or a snack at any time of the day!

From: Mackenzie Family on Feb-11-2012
Phipps...Phipps...we just cant get enough of Phipps! Everything there is just fabulous from start to finish and they have the best value in a salad bar anywhere in Toronto. We go there on a weekly basis and we dont even live close by, our whole family is just addicted and in love with Phipps! Great variety of goodies, cakes, pies, cookies, etc..., home made soups , entrees and freshly squeezed juices .Who needs to spend a fortune on Charbucks or Second Gunk when you can get a wonderful cup of coffee at Phipps, in lovely mugs and served by a wonderful staff. We wish that there were more shops like this in the city but as long as Phipps is around , there is no where else that we would rather be. We have started buying there new gift cards so that we can spread the word about Phipps in our own way. Once you go to Phipps, you will never want to go anywhere else!. No Quipps about Phipps, its #1 with our whole gang of seven.

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