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User Reviews and comments on The Tea Leaf

From: Cyndy A on Mar-18-2003
I found the Tea Leaf a wonderful experience. From being greeted with a cup of tea - to all their helpful advice and amazing customer service The Tea Leaf will be somewhere I'll return to.

From: Marc C on Jun-25-2003
I had no idea about loose leaf tea until I walked through the door of the charming Queen Street Store. The staff, filled with knowledge, was helpful and friendly. I am hooked on the Tea Leaf.

From: Susan McLennan on Jul-31-2004
A charming store run by friendly, knowledgeable people. A polished jewel in Toronto's crowning neighbourhood.

From: Chris L on Nov-06-2007
Very, very fussy about my tea. Who knew that there is a 'tea somelier' in Toronto. The tea here is chosen with as much care and attention as the finest vintage wines. Would follow this shop and its owner anywhere.

From: Pianita on Mar-22-2008
Sadly desapointed, no pastries ready and was hoping to experience the matcha lattes and were not prepared or to be sampled....Staff was unenthusiastic. Hope they do well for the future.

From: Mad Steepster on Feb-11-2010
RUDE TERRIBLE SERVICE. The owner of this store was insensitive to my vision and my method of ordering tea (writing down names and quantities) she rudely told me to stop and took the menu away. I told her what for a left. I was recently angered by the owner of The Tea Leaf who was incredibly rude to me. I have vision problems and cannot read the tiny cards placed in front of the tea bins. So I was reading their menu instead, I saw some teas I wanted (common teas) and I wrote down the name and how much I wanted. It was going to be an order. The indignant presumable owner came over to me and said she didn't want customers writing down all of her prices. I said I was making an order, I had already listed 3 teas with quantities AND NO PRICES. She rudely rebuffed me and took the menu away as I was holding it. Read this, she took the menu out of my hands. What rudeness, what audacity! I was very angry, told her so and left. Absolutely the worst service imaginable. How rude!

From: Miki on Feb-16-2010
I was so shocked to see the negative comments posted about the Tea Leaf! While I've only been to the store twice, I'm impressed by their staff's positive attitude and in-depth knowledge of the teas they serve. I stayed to enjoy some scones and a Rooibos Pear tea on Feb 10 and would say that their service was impeccable. I definitely won't hesitate to recommend the Tea Leaf to my friends!

From: BayviewVillage Res on Mar-29-2010
We go to the tea Leaf all the time. The service is always pleasant. The teas are truly of the highest quality with the staff eager to discuss the various ways to brew and serve. Food service is light - scones (with real devon cream and jam) and an assortment of desserts and quiches. The only place in the area to go if you are looking for a great cup of tea and serenity. Note to others: It does get pretty busy on the weekend but you can almost always get a table.

From: Christine on Dec-27-2010
This is a fucking ridiculous institution. I arrived with a party of 9 adults and this Nazi like place kicked out my 2 year old for having juice. This place had no juice to offer us in return. As a parent this was an incredibly inconsiderate situation and I strongly encourage people win hearts to stop frequenting this establishment. That and that fact that their tea is overpriced.

From: Catherine from Toronto on Dec-27-2010
I sympathize with your situation. Policies like that should be flexible for babies and toddlers. It would be perfectly acceptable to kick out a 10 year old with outside food as they are old enough to understand but a 2 yr old drinking juice would be ludicrous and a sign of awful customer service especially given the holiday season. To top it off Bayview Village is a very stroller and mom friendly mall so for a single tenant to be so unreasonable towards families is very disappointing. I will be sure to avoid this place alon with any recemendations to it.

From: horrible service on Feb-08-2011
I was in Bayview Village with my mom, having a nice time. We stopped for a bite at the cafe next door. I bought a tea there. Then my mom told me that there was a tea place next door (the tea leaf) that she wanted to check out. I had already bought my tea, but I figured if she liked the store, I would buy mine there next time. I am a huge tea lover and would have potentially brought big business to this store. So when I came to meet my mom, she was sitting in the seating area outside the store. My mom got her tea and was drinking it. I sat next to her to keep her company. Next thing I know, a staff member comes over and tells me that I cannot have my tea in their seating area. I told her that I was unaware of their policy. I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she said I could put it awaqy behind my coat or something. So I did, and told her I wouldn't drink it while sitting there, but apparently that wasn't good enough. So she asked me to leave. I was appauled. This is not how you treat customers or even potential customers. It would have been more courteous to advise me of their policy and ask me politely to uphold it the next time...not kick me out like a common criminal. My mom sat there by herself finishing her mediocre tea, by the way. I don't know what the owner of this store is so afraid of, but I do know it cannot be a good vibe she's sending out. What goes around comes around, so I'm not concerned. Just hope people are smart and stand up for themselves. This is a capitalist country with lots of tea stores. Stores should be going out of their way for our business, not making us feel like their doing us a favor. Never been so rudely treated in my life. Will take my business elsewhere, like David's teas in Promenade, for example, excellent teas and service, even filled my mom's thermos with hot water without charging her as I bought my tea there and she had her own. Now that's service. Nice to know we have a choice.

From: Carol on Mar-22-2011
RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE ABSURD POLICY My husband and I were shopping at Bayview Village Shopping Centre on Saturday, March 20th, 2011 and as I am a tea drinker we stopped in at The Tea Leaf. We noticed that they had a lovely looking salmon and dill quiche and decided to each order a slice of quiche and sit down for some lunch. My husband asked for a coffee and was told they didn’t have any. He turned to me and said he was going to get a coffee and he would be right back to join me for lunch. The young woman behind the counter asked me what kind of tea I wanted. I wasn’t sure as I had not yet had a chance to peruse their selection which is kept in tins on shelves behind the counter. The tins are labeled with small labels and I was having a hard time seeing the names of the different teas. The woman behind the counter told me she needed to know what type of tea I wanted; green, black or herbal as she needed to ring in my purchase. She never offered to help me select a tea or to tell me about the different types they sell. There was another woman on duty that just stood there and also didn’t offer to help explain all the varieties of teas available. I felt pressured and finally said I would have a black tea. The woman then told me how much my bill was and I was starting to pay she advised me that my husband would not be allowed to join me on their patio if he was going to drink an “outside coffee”. I asked if they would give him a cup to pour his coffee into so we could have our lunch on their patio and was again told that they do not allow “outside coffee”. I told her that was ridiculous and that we would just go elsewhere with our business. She responded that I could do whatever I wanted and The Tea Leaf would follow their own policies as well. Of course we left and had a lovely lunch and courteous service on the Oliver and Bonacini patio just down the mall. As we were sitting at the Oliver and Bonacini patio I looked over several times to find that The Tea Leaf had no business at all on its patio and very little takeout business as well. All the other restaurants in the mall were extremely busy. I guess I’m not the only person who has been treated poorly there and will never go back.

From: anonymous on Mar-23-2011
I too have had lacklustre service from the employees at The Tea Leaf and have found that their teas are completely inferior to the teas found at Teaopia. The staff at Teaopia is delightful and helpful. I have completely stopped frequenting The Tea Leaf and have also turned many of my friends into fans of Teaopia instead. For every person that writes a review or a complaint letter there are probably one hundred people that don't bother...they just quietly take their business elsewhere. I guess that's why The Tea Leaf at Bayview Village Shopping Centre is always empty of clientele.

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