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User Reviews and comments on Patachou

From: vils m. disanto on Sep-24-2003
i love this place! the pastries and sandwiches are splendid, the service friendly, and the prices reasonable. i always look for an excuse to stop by!

From: jen on May-06-2004
Cake was not fresh - icing was hard butter that fell off in pieces when cake was cut.

From: anonymous on Nov-14-2004
I was not impressed. The service was LACKING. It was crowded early on Saturday morning and for some reason there was a "tall" cafe table practically blocking the entrance (no chairs just a table). Overall, tables were not cleared and we were told to sit anywhere. We were hesitant because tables were labelled as reserved for 3 or more and when we asked we were given a wave by a server in the general direction of the tables. We found a vacated table but it was wet and still not clean. Food was fine. We had croissants, an apple turnover and a tart Nicoisse. Clientele is very true to the location. I much prefer Bonjour Brioche (friendlier atmosphere/better service) allthough, Patachou has a wider selection of foods and pastries.

From: Tim H on Jun-13-2005
Great patisserie! Wonderful lattes to accompany the pastries and sandwiches we had for lunch. This is not a place if you're looking for bells and whistles. It was just wonderful, French food. Next time I'm in Toronto, I will definitely stop by. It was also extremely affordable which makes it an especially great find in Toronto.

From: Cora on Mar-19-2006
Great service--friendly staff (but expect a line-up on weekends!). Wonderfully bitter hot chocolate--obviously of high quality. Tried the Tart aux Orange--beautiful to look at, as if a piece of artwork, and tasted like fresh oranges. Tried the Quiche Lorraine--aromas of onion and ham. Would definitely go back for more!

From: anonymous on Apr-08-2006
An unfortunate visit to the Patachou on St. Clair. The manager, completely in error over over a small cup of coffee she wrongly thought had not been paid for, yelled so fiercely at her two young helpers that one of them started to cry. This, as you might imagine, rather spoiled the mood for everyone present.... Careful if you visit - don't make the manager angry....

From: Marcella on Dec-14-2006
The best "Butter Croissants" in T.O.!!! Flaky on the outside, moist & buttery inside and all around goodness... Forget the diet, there's no such thing here!!

From: pasty on Apr-05-2007
i stopped coming here because i paid 7 bucks and change for a drip coffee and a little pear tart the were both fine but 7 bucks?

From: bill on Jun-19-2007
this french patisserie on st.clair has a poor excuse for a manager, not only is she cold towards the staff and customers she neglects food safety and health standards. as she made my sandwich her long hair dangled over my food. i witnessed no hand washing after dealing with money and sanitizer. i had also witnessed the manager drop food on the floor and then later pick it up and serve it to others. i will never go to patachou again because of her. the counter staff there are very pleasant but she is disgusting.

From: Sally on Aug-21-2007
The ladies of Rosedale love to think that they are oh-so-European by paying 20$ for a tiny quiche and a glass of mediocre wine. The atmosphere is pleasant enough and the chocolate cake is delicious but mostly it's just over-priced and only okay.

From: Nadya on Sep-16-2007
I was so excited to get there and more than pleased to leave as soon as possible. I had an eclair and a friend had a tart and both were stale and tasteless. Totally over rated!!!

From: Dorothy on Sep-30-2007
What will it take for the owners of Patachou on St Clair to consider hiring another manager. Current female manager has been there for too long and is sullen and cold to customers who might ask questions. Customers should not have to cope with her moods. Good bakery. Terrible public relations from manager. Assisting staff are always more than pleasant.

From: Mark Evanshen on Jan-10-2008
I really enjoyed Patachou and looking forward to visiting Toronto again soon. Hi Camille! MARK EVANSHEN

From: anonymous on Feb-11-2008
I have gone here for years- and always LOVE it. Busy on weekends, but always well worth the wait! Delicious deserts and meals! (Get them to go for a dinner party, always very well received!)

From: DISAPPOINTED on May-06-2008

From: jeremy on May-21-2008
I love this place, though it always annoys me that it's closed on Sundays. Most everything is delicious, but my particular favourites are the apricot tart, lined with homemade applesauce, the tarte Nicoise, which is like a ratatouille in a pastry shell, the pisaladiere and the prosciutto sandwich, crammed full of the most delicious caramelized onions. One let down are the croissants, which I though would be superior, based on the rest of the menu, but which aren't quite autthentically buttery enough, in my opinion. The wait staff are generally run off their feet, as the place gets busy on weekends and at lunchtime, but they are pleasant and efficient. In all, highly recommended.

From: OVERCHARGED on Oct-17-2008
I always get charged inconsistently at the St. Clair location, and sometimes the totals don't add up, I bought 3 pain de chocolate at $2.10 each and got charged $7.12 for them, how did THAT work?

From: Ray Bedard Ottawa on Oct-20-2008
Not the Patachou we remember from the 80's. We were looking forward to the Babas, but were informed they were too labor intensive to produce without being pre-ordered! I think all these people who say this is a piece of Paris in TO have never been to Paris. Overpriced tourist trap for the self-important.

From: Overcharged, you\'re an idiot. on Jan-30-2009
I've never been to Patachou before but... To the dumba** who says they were OVERCHARGED? Learn some math, and do the taxes correctly. You would find they charged you the exact amount they should have. Or did you forget the taxes dips**t?

From: Oct 17, 2008 on Jun-16-2009
To: FROM: Overcharged, you're an idiot. Tax is 5% so NO, it doesn't add up, YOU are the idiot.

From: A Fan on Jun-16-2009
The best almond croissants. Delicious croque monsieur but very tiny for what you pay.

From: Matt Tolan on Jul-03-2009
I previously lived in the Rosedale area. This was a regular stop for me. The cheese sticks and pastries were to die for. Lunch was special, too. The next time I come to TO, I will make a point to stop by.

From: frédéric on Jul-28-2009
a friensd and i went there for a light lunch for the fisrt time was ok but really expensive for what it is. the great thing there is a nice seating area. i generally go at la bamboche for light lunch nice jambon-fromage croissant and a lavender/strawberry mousse cake

From: JStclair on Oct-24-2009
Underwhelming pastry with rude condescending staff. I don't usually review or complain, but this was ridiculous! I will never go there again. Check out Pain Perdu instead!

From: AHAHA on Feb-17-2010
TO: "Oct 17, 2008" If tax was ONLY 5% I think people wouldn't complain so much about it. What f***ing planet do you live on where the tax is less than half of what it is on earth? Or at least what area of earth, because clearly it isn't Toronto Ontario Canada.

From: luv_macarons on Aug-18-2010
I was, and I stress was, a loyal customer of Patachou for over 10 years but my recent experience has put me off the place completely. The staff were rude, which I can forgive, if the pastries are of a good quality, however their chocolate cake was tasteless and their macarons are very poor indeed. A waste of time and money... there are better patisseries out there where you can spend your hard earned cash when you want a treat.

From: Jazz on Sep-03-2010
I ordered by son’s birthday cake from here and was quoted $80, however when I went to collect it had changed to $110. I was told that the manger had left a message with the price increase….that would have been fine if I actually had voice mail on my phone!!! Beware of the awful service and underhand tactics of the bakery to extort money from innocent loving parents!! I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS BOURGEOIS BAKERY AGAIN!!!

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