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Yannick Lallement (left) comes from Saulxures sur Moselotte, France and has lived in Toronto for the past four years. He holds a doctorate in artificial intelligence and currently designs intelligent web agents. His dad, a bakery chef, gave him an early taste for yummy foods! Yannick runs BeNoted, a Toronto-based search engine optimization (SEO) company.

Lionel Tona (right) comes from Lyon, France, born to a Sicilian father and an Alsatian mother. He is a trained translator (from theatrical texts to corporate websites), an IT instructor, and a web designer. He has been enjoying the multi-cultural city of Toronto for four yummy years.

Shortly after they met, Yannick and Lionel realized they shared a consuming passion for yummy foods such as chocolate, pastries, ice cream, and other delicacies. After months of gourmet expeditions, they felt compelled to share their discoveries with the world. This is the story of

Yannick and Lionel now host the food segment of Claudette Gravel's show Enfin Samedi!, Saturday mornings at 9:35 on Radio Canada.

Quick facts

  1.'s objective: listing Toronto's best yummy food stores
  2. Stores are reviewed and rated from 1 to 3 baguettes by Yannick and Lionel
  3. Site visitors can rate stores from 1 to 3 chocolate hearts
  4. Over one hundred reviewed stores along with details (address, directions, business hours, TTC info.)
  5. Over 50 pictures taken inside the stores, organized in galleries
  6. "What's nearby?" feature showing other yummy stores nearby
  7. Expanding to other cities (Vancouver, New York.)
  8. Handy resources like dessert recipes, a glossary and buying tips
  9. Featured on the front page of L'Express de Toronto
  10. Thousands of hits every day (and counting!)

Testimonials from satisfied visitors, around the world!

  • Sweet! Jonathan
  • I couldn't help but drool. Daisy
  • Merveilleux Site. Leila
  • Thanks for a wonderful, easy-to-use and attractive website. Peter
  • As newcomers to Toronto, we look forward to finding the "spots" where yummy food is available for our own dining table. Mathew
  • Chock full of great food tips and links. Peter
  • Your site is a great reference for me to do "research" on pastries and yummy breads but also to find possible contacts for job opportunities. Maureen
  • I can say that is excellent! My friends and I took a .pastry tour of Toronto. once... with the guidance of the site. Wow. Awesome work. Mark
  • I recommend your site to anyone who will listen. Eugenie
  • I never knew where to go in Toronto. Now this is ancient history. Liliane
  • Great site, good recipes and great addresses of European joints (I am Belgian). Jerome
  • I love this website!!! What a great idea. Morag
  • Why don.t you people create something similar for Singaporeans as well? We have lotsa bakeries too. John