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User Reviews and comments on Swissmaster

From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
I had the pleasure of visiting Swissmaster on the eve of Valentine's Day this year (2003). The line up was quite large -- this I knew could only speak to the great quality of the chocolates. The store is tiny and located in the well heeled area of York Mills and Bayview. The line-up was well worth it...........I'm so glad I didn't turn away. I found the prices to be reasonable considering the fantastic truffles. I purchased a box of 12 truffles. They were a gift for Valentine's Day and they were extremely well received. While I was there I decided to purchase two truffles for myself. The sales lady took a shine to me and she also gave me one free truffle to eat in the store. On my way home I decided to eat one of the truffles. This particular one was white chocolate with a white chocolate filling and a hint of lemon. WOW! I was incredibly surprised when I bit into the chocolate. My mouth was just NOT ready for what it tasted! It was fantastic. Suited perfectly to my tastes. I can honestly say that the truffle made my day! I would not hesitate to recommend Swissmaster to anyone. My only regret is that I did not discover it sooner!

From: rick satriani on May-02-2003
Nice chocolates but nothing made on the site. All come from Switzerland. And when they say "Beautiful chocolates for beautiful people" I can only laugh at all that snobish circus they are.

From: Jean Dubois on May-09-2003
Good chocolates but nothing exceptional for the publicity they make out of it.

From: Robertson on May-17-2003
We tried Swissmaster today. My impression was that the Swissmaster chocolates were for people who, given a choice between sugar and chocolate, would prefer to eat sugar. I tried two of the darkest truffles they offered and felt like the chocolate was altogether overpowered by the sugary inside. Nor did the chocolate itself particularly impress me (insofar as I was able to tell). I am sorry to report that I didn't like either truffle particularly. If you are considering going to Swissmaster, I would recommend changing course and heading over to Bernard Callebaut instead. My wifes comments about Swissmaster are more to the point: "They were too sweet."

From: Becky on Jul-06-2010
I got some of these as a gift and they were exceptional! I got a dark chocolate truffle and a nutty chocolate thing that had thank you written on it. I don't normally like dark chocolate and I still loved the truffle. The nutty one has inspired me to look into getting them as gifts for the anniversary party we're throwing for my in-laws.

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