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User Reviews and comments on Athens Pastries

From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
Athens Pastries is THE place to eat traditional Greek pastries on the danforth. Their spinach, custard, and cheese pies are fantastic. They should be particularly comended for the quality of their phylo. This is not the place to go, however, if what you are looking for is a more traditional "Western" or French pastry. It is, nonetheless, quite good and a welcome change!

From: Melissa on Mar-17-2003
They have the best food!!! You should go there and buy some of those little yummy 'balls'. hehe -BYE-

From: Erin on Mar-13-2004
THe honey balls and the tiropita are sooo good! the phylo is really tasty too

From: Lois on Mar-03-2005
Athens Pastries has the best spinach pies in all of Toronto. They make it better than mom, better than yiayia (grandma) and its actually good for you. The service there is impeccable, the girls are always really nice and cheery. It is the best place to go and sit with a friend, chat over coffee and yummy authentic greek pastries!

From: Danny on Sep-12-2006
I don't know I would say it's a toss up between Athens and Akropolis Pastries just east of Pape. Although not in the busiest area of the Danforth their Spanakopita is awesome and probably the best I've tasted outside of Greece. The rest of the products are comparible with Akropolis having a much more diverse menu.

From: Giorgos on Apr-23-2007
Well I decide to do my own comparison after reading Danny's review, didn't even know that another store like Athens existed. But I only been for a few years. Anyway I tried Akropolis Pastries, and in my opinion their Pastries are far better than Athens. Better filling and more like the ones you would eat back in Greece. I recommend anyone to try.

From: horizon on Jun-05-2008
the food at Athens bakery is awesome! although their staff could use a lesson in customer service saavy, the food makes up for all their bitchiness. this goes for the Athens Bakery on Sheppard and VP as well.

From: Seann on Jun-19-2008
Love the pies at Athens Pastries, nothing else compares. And the girls there are allows so nice and cheerful at the Victoria Park location. Sometimes very accommodating even when I am being demanding.

From: flucky on May-15-2009
athens is AWESOMMMM!!!!!!!!! the one on danforth has the most amazing honeyballs. u get 6 for 3$ and they always thriw an extra one in too. theyre so nice!!!!!!!

From: Greekguy on Jun-19-2009
The food is phenominal great galatoburiko, pitas, etc. the only drawback is the customer service. Depending on who is working there. The yugoslavian women that work there at night need to learn customer service.

From: Omer on Jun-20-2010
I can't go to the Danforth without a vist to this place. Very pleasant bright and friendly and lets not forget delicious!

From: Omer on Jun-20-2010
I can't go to the Danforth without a vist to this place. Very pleasant bright and friendly and lets not forget delicious!

From: Big Greek on Jul-01-2011
The best "Spano" in town! The blend of cheese and spinach in a perfect cruchy philo is definitely a Triactor of Grecian love..

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