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User Reviews and comments on Wagamama

From: M. Yiu on May-11-2006
Iím not sure what the low rating is about: perhaps the low quantity of available pastries? I assure readers that the quality more than makes up for the lack of supermarket-type variety. Everything is baked in house with painstaking Japanese care and daintiness. Nothing is oversized here (except maybe the bread); everything is in perfectly moderated balance, as one expects with all Japanese-made food. I first started coming here just to buy the green tea cookies and sesame shortbread cookies. I know of no where else in the city where you can get these. They are delicate bite-sized cookies, perfect for afternoon coffee or tea at my desk. Iíve been sharing these with my co-workers for years. Similarly, the scones, cream puffs, tarts, etc. come in ideal bit-sized single servings that give one the pleasure of the sin without the feeling that one has overdone it. More recently, Iíve been buying the chocolate croissants, which have the perfect exterior crunchy flakiness, a fluffy, buttery interior, and just enough kick of chocolate to balance. I also recommend the salads with the best dressing in town, a sesame vinaigrette. The sandwiches and toast are made with generously thick slices of daily homemade bread. The soups are hearty and thick and rarely disappoint. They offer Hawaiian Kona and Blue Mountain coffee in addition to the expected. Whatís not to love about this place? There may not be an overwhelming menu, but everything they do is done exceptionally well.

From: Holly on Jun-16-2006
I don't know why it get a low review. Our office gets our treats from Wagamama regularly for the lovely cream puffs and the green tea cookies. We have tried many other places and we find that this is tops for rare and wonderful goodies!

From: Tong on Sep-03-2006
This is a wonderful neighborhood store. This little store is one of the reasons I bought my current condo, which is just one minute walk from the store. King west would be a different neighborhood without it. The tea and coffee are excellent, and their cream puffs are absolutely delicious! The people who work there are friendly and nice. A good place to chat, relax, and get some work done too!

From: John Bennett on Nov-15-2006
I'm not sure why the rateing is so low either. No Cafe in Toronto comes close to the quality of the products sold there. My favorite place in Toronto for Coffee, lunch and yummy treats!

From: David on Sep-17-2007
Everything at wagamama is so fresh and delicious. I see so many people time and time again so I think there are many others that agree - this unassuming little cafe is excellent and far superior to the chain cafes. As fall approaches, their bread pudding with caramel sauce helps cope with the transition to shorter and cooler days.

From: Margo on Mar-02-2009
I think Wagamama is one of t he best sandwich shops in the city! They even make their own bread and many of their pastries. They also have a wonderful list of unique loose leaf teas. The rating may be low because it's a casual spot. It does make me skeptical of Yummy Baguette and their credentials??? What is this poor review based on???

From: Wong on May-12-2009
I'm a little surprised that Wagamama is rated so low. I live down the street and Wagamama is my go-to spot for a coffee and a quick lunch. Try the Roasted Vege sandwich. Yummy!

From: Anna Kelowna on Jul-22-2010
I love Wagamama! Not only do they provide healthy, inexpensive lunch options, but their breakfast selection, drinks (both hot and cold) and desserts are absolutely second to none! Also, everyone who works there is very efficient but cool and I love the atmostphere. There is nothing that comes close to this place for a quick lunch or a tea or latte with a friend in the neighbourhood. Thank goodness for Waga... it's my go-to place now. If you haven't already, you MUST try their Wagamama cookies: a blend of shredded coconut, chocolate chips and oatmeal goodness.

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From: Mark on Apr-19-2013
Who from Yummy Baguette came to Wagamama? Obvious you did not visit or eat at this wonderful cafe. The food made here is made from scratch and they offer over 100 different food item each day. I'm vegan and they have 4 soups that are. Homemade bread, many, many varieties of desserts and the coffee I have ever had. This is one of the best places in Toronto for lunches, coffees, teas and desserts. Impossible to be rated so low from your staff, you obviously did not go here and experience Wagamama!

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